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Hello from the I.E. Anybody out there?

PuppeteerPhil 5 Jan 12

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I pass through often’s a nice place.


San Bernardino here.

Also of note, I put together the Inland Empire Pirate Pubcrawl every year. It's September 22 this year. Everyone is welcome to attend.

d_day Level 7 Feb 3, 2018

Riverside here


empire of what? fairly typical american aggrandizement

It sounds better than Inland Diaspora of Failed Los Angeles Wannabees.


Hello from Oceanside, CA. I've driven through the I.E. sometimes on my way to the Coachella Valley cities. Seems like a nice area - I like the desert and mountain scenery.


I have vague recollections of the Inland Empire, yes, but that was long before seat belts.


The I.E. is the Inland Empire, located east of Los Angeles and north of San Diego, California. I live in one of the bigger cities there, Riverside.


Hello from southern Louisiana.....


What is the I. E.?

Inland Empire: Riverside County and surrounding area in Southern California. [] There is also an Inland Empire in Eastern Washington State.


No. Not a soul.


You have to tell the IE inland Empire not everyone knows that.

My edit buttons broke Inland

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