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What would utopia look like for you?

Mine is pretty much a Hawaiian island with my own hand picked residents, no churches, and no cockroaches. I hear they're huge. Oh, and lots and lots of pizza.

No scratch that last bit. I don't know if I could help myself from all that eating.

silvereyes 8 Jan 12

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Over 5 weeks after my initial post... let's just say utopia to me will look like some Bullshit I described to make me happy... and I am sure will make me happy despite being some made up bullshit. Made your utopia Right Here.... RIght Now... with what you got.


I reckon whatever her heart desires. I just don't see heaven, utopia, etc, etc, etc. Without a witness to my life. Not that I am sad or lonely or both... just practical. I want to be specific enough to include what is needed for me to be happy without complaints. In case this is a "Lathe of Heaven" moment and I end up in Utopia by my fucking self in a crate of the moon!

@silvereyes Real world suits to the most of us. Is the dreamer that worries me.

@silvereyes You convinced me. How can I deny a woman a dream? I can not! In a serious note... I had lived such a fucking full life!!! I know she is not in this site so... The first time the woman that became my wife for 19 years told me she loved me.. I told her that I was just a "dream". How stupid and full of myself I was. She never allowed me to forget that. I am sure it was in her mind during the divorce procedures.

@silvereyes I gave her the house we built, no 50/50 split. She is selling it this year to a nephew. I wonder if when he was little he used to come to the house thinking one day I will own this house. I just wonder.


The Villa Savoye, but in Arctic Norway instead of Poissy and full of books, cats and a lifetime's supply of magic calorie-free marzipan. Oh, and Cate Blanchett in the bedroom.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 13, 2018

Holding my own wand( that works ) in a Harry potter reality. Actually being there as a young guy trying to learn all that. Yeah... I'm hopeless... but it's a thing my mom did all day before she died. It was her fantasy dream. If i had one wish when she was alive. Put her in that dream of hers.


Mores Utopia is quite different to mine. I don't like people, so more paradise in my case. Very few people, minimal disputes, good environment and I guess quite important, low living costs. I only work to pay government fees and taxes, car maintenance, diesel and net access. We are self sufficient in water power and food (we barter). If I didn't have to pay land tax, insurances (I guess some of that is optional), rego to drive on roads things would be even sweeter. I am by nature lazy I think.


pizza=my kind of heaven


What I would say would be frowned upon so I'll keep it to myself lol


@silvereyes Does living in Hawaii with lots of pizza mean you have to put pineapple on all of them?


Your such a ham.

@silvereyes Are you a vegetarian/vegan?

@silvereyes I'm trying to change my eating habits, I eat way too much junk food and soda. I'm basically a garbage can. lol

@silvereyes I've been able to knock off the 120 calories per can of pop/soda by drinking filtered water with 0 calorie flavoring I just squirt a little in a glass then fill it with water. Right now I'm drinking Strawberry-Watermelon flavor. Tasty. 🙂

@silvereyes Soda is tough. Try this stuff. There are lots of other flavors. Besides the one I posted there are fruit punch, lemonade, and grape that I've tried so far. There are others too.


Pretty much the standard of living I have now but for everyone on earth. Its a depressing thought but if you actually look at the numbers if you live in a western country, blue state, make a middle class salary about 99% of humanity is poorer than you are.

So if I could somehow, by say magic (haha), give everyone what I enjoy that would be utopia.

yeah, that sounds pretty good.


Galt's Gulch. You'd have to suspend your hatred of capitalism or love of America and read Atlas Shrugged critically to see it the way I do. It's a society of real capitalists who have no greed. A group of people who abhor deception and love work and knowledge. It only works when it's small, but it sounds perfect. It's absolutely unrealistic, but it's a nice dream.

@MsOliver Oh... Is there a non-fictitious Utopia that you have chosen not to live in?

Also, I did say to read it critically. I love her heroes and the facets of humanity they reveal, but she was mistaken in some very important facets. She fled a communist society where selflessness was the word people used to describe something that was never selfless. It makes sense that she used the word selfish, but I think it was a major error. Dagny and Hank demonstrate a balance, conflict or neutral state between selfishness and selflessness. The primary evil characters in Atlas Shrugged are the Donald Trump's of the world. The catalyst for Galt may have been a communist conversion at a factory, but look at the actual evils she points out in vivid detail, page after page, and it is a more complete rejection of the American system.

Her philosophy as she's stated it and as idiots interpret it is terrible. Those are people who take it as a manifesto. I take it as fiction that works as a thought exercise if read critically.

Also, if the government forces you to pay into a system, to refuse to use the system is to lose to the government twice. To claim the benefits is to basically get a refund of some of what you've paid into it by force of law.


Lots of intelligent puzzles to work Warm to hot lots of fishing loving woman by my side to share life, large garden and animals to harvest maybe a pet panther set away from civilization,Oodles of reading material. Most of all I would not spend every day in pain.

  • secluded cabin or earth-sheltered home in the woods
  • moderate temperatures year round, low humidity
  • very little snow in the winter
  • a companion dog
  • abundant, varied fresh fruit
  • lazy days reading, writing, doing something artistic
  • occasional, long walks through the woods

I think utopian thinking is a mistake. Any belief that chases a Utopia is setting itself up to fail.


Everyone will have their own utopia. Total chaos.


I'd like a floating fortress of some sort. I have a hard time staying in one place for too long.


Not much different from yours I think... as long as I have a sailboat to play with!

skado Level 8 Jan 13, 2018
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