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What Does Your Saturday’s Usually Consist Of?

Saturday is the day I usually do my shopping and pampering myself for a previous hard week or preparation for a hard next week coming up.
What about you?

twshield 8 Aug 4

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My buddy and his new bride and I usually go out and have some drinks/dinner. We have been doing it pretty regularly since my divorce was imminent. They have been ultra-supportive and it has made a world of difference

glad you have supportive friends

@twshield I am too. I was always a bit of a loner so never realized just how much easier life can be with good friends

@maxhyde good for you man!


Between naps, I generally do household chores and spend some time online. I'm usually exhausted and sleep deprived by the time Saturday rolls around, so naps are a priority. I'm much more productive on Sundays.


I'm self-employed and work whenever I want days of the week don't mean anything to me



No two Saturdays are alike, but I just noticed today that I tend to eat a lot on Saturdays, if I stay home... That's because I do my grocery shopping on Fridays (Love Safeway's $5 Fridays!) so I have all this food I'm excited to taste, keeping in mind it needs to last a week. Then I go about separating out and/or freezing some portions for later.

Today, I could have gone up the road to attend our annual celebration of Tahiti with dancing, crafts, etc., and almost went up there because I heard that Jason Momoa was there walking around enjoying the festival... but still I was lazy and have stayed in today.

Will go out for an evening swim later and burn off some calories from this tasty food I've been sampling all day. Will probably not attend the "First Saturday" evening festivities in town either, even though I could be seeing celebrities, haha! Just being a hermit today, staying out of the sun.

I like to refer to it as pleasure & Pain !


Sleep in, do some work, occasionally get together with friends or family.

well they say we don't get enough sleep so good for you. family and friends are cool too. Homework? are you continuing your education?

@twshield Freelancer. I set my own hours and sometimes work on the weekends.


Saturday is my monday

ouch, sorry!


Binge watch Netflix, get stoned and drink beer.

I have Netflix but I never use it. I get so tired from surfing trying to fins something to watch an usually give up and do something else


Single and live alone. I do what I wanna do for the most part. Sometime during the weekend I fix lunches and breakfasts for the next week. I generally do laundry, shop, maybe do some cleaning. This weekend I worked some overtime and I'm babysitting the grandson. He's down for the night already. Tomorrow I need to get my nails done, and after the cooking is done (or before) I will do what ever pleases me. Napping would be amazing.

I call your life "the Fab Life" because you can do what you want!


Shopping for fun and exciting stuff like: dish and laundry soap, joint supplements, antacid, Trader Joe's blue cheese dressing, and the most exciting of all, paper towels. So many colorful patterns to choose from! ?

Trader Joe's is a great place to shop!


In this summer heat, my first real activity of the day is working out with weights at thre gym in late morning, a lazy afternoon,l then taking care of yard and garden tasks in the late afternoon. Evenings on the computer, and watching PBS.

sounds like a productive day!


Laundry, grocery shopping, pedicures when needed and my nails done when needed...sometimes cleaning it just depends

I hate laundry most of all!

@twshield laundry is the worst to do but necessary... lol just like grocery shopping. That’a why I try to do most of mine online when I can



well don't work hard, hardly work😉


Biking and reading

healthy mind and body!


I spend every Saturday performing pedicures on people walking past in the mall.

Finally someone with an honest to God foot fetish 🙂


Yea I do it for free..I only charged TW because I had to remove layers and layers of pink nail varnish.. lol ???

Sorry TW..couldn't resist that!

@Hitchens as they say "with friends like you, who needs enemy's lol

@twshield Bahaha! Tell you make it up to you I'll give you a charge!??

The ladies love a man with clean nails..saw a lot of posts about that! Lol ?

@Hitchens again.....With friends like you,...…….. LOL


$ 😉


Laundry and making up reasons for not doing all the other things on my to-do list.

dkp93 Level 7 Aug 4, 2018


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