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QUESTION 'This Is Not A Drill': A False Ballistic Missile Alert Shakes Hawaii : The Two-Way : NPR

I think every resident of Hawaii ought to be issued free medical marijuana or anti-anxiety meds for the day! Can you imagine waking up to the alert that a ballistic missile is on the way? "This is not a drill!" Duck, cover, and CYAGB!

BookDeath 8 Jan 13

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I have seen Bikini Island is a cold barren place lifeless place. Nukes are not on my joke list.

I am old enough to remember the original "duck and cover' from the 60s. My parents were both scientists. I was sent to the principal's office in elementary school for informing the teacer that hiding under a school wouldn't do FA in the event of a nuclear attack. I am utterly aghast that once again we are living in with a POTUS who thinks nuclear bombs are an acceptable alternative. This is gallows humor, nothing less.

@BookDeath It is unclear to me if he likes to use the threat as a parent would use a spanking or if he would push the button and turn the keys. The secretary of defence needs to turn the other key. So do you think they would result to this knowingly destroy our lands. Remember that his family and his businesses are in a major Atlantic coastal city. Think he is more unlikely to turn the key, he is religious and they believe in heaven and hell. I think that the O bomb was more dangerous in that position.


I was born in 1953, I grew up with the Nuclear Scare. I am too old to be scared now. I already lived.

I'm not scared either. If it happens, it happens. My only hope is to be very near to Ground Zero. Once it starts happening, I want to go out in the first wave. I have no desire to have to deal with anything that will come after.


where ya gonna hide?




One has to wonder if it was really an accident, or deliberate scaremongering.

And no one was talking about shithole countries today, hmmmm.


WHAT the fuck!?!?! is going on with our military? There have been multible ship collisions and now this. Makes me glad I do not have TV - think I'll go check the Eagles vs Falcons score on sbnation. geezzzzz

To blame the military is missing the point... military is a "tool" and nothing but a "tool" of politicians.

@GipsyOfNewSpain That's true, I guess I meant, Who's in fucking control?!?!?!

@silverotter11 Some computer that nobody knows how to turn off. Because they are not sure the backup system is really on line.


I've been watchingi live all day on MSNBC-press conference live. They fucked up big time. Good idea-I wonder how many had heart attacks or strokes. Too bad trump wasn't there.


I wonder how many heart attacks it triggered.


Bet that made for an interesting morning.

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