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Here's one for the history books.

mistymoon77 9 Jan 13

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I saw one I really love on a chief Indian and 2 braves are standing on a ocean bank looking out at a big sailboat. The chief tells the 2 braves "be nice and give them whatever they want, just don't let them get off the boat".

I have that posted on here I think somewhere.. 🙂 yes that is a very good too.


The discovery emigration. The worst of europe was dumped here.


That might have saved some lives.

Betty Level 7 Jan 13, 2018

That's so funny...


An Indian friend asked me to write a poem some time back think it might go goo here:A single feather upon her brow, this squaw was not a scout.

Standing stout, her proud was as loud as a totem in a whirlwind of confusion and doubt.

Banshee screamed she, revenge was not the deed in need.

Powwow was the deem she meant to be instill in the young Indian steeds.

Sitting on a bull headdress all about, the chief had no doubt this squaw was devout with her banshee squelch.

Pull together like a papoose held tight to a young squaws breast.

The wrong in all of man's laws, will cause us no flaws.

The land we will be free to bury the tomahawk deep with in the sea of despise and remiss in history's misdeed


Love it-shithole memes all day.

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