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Do you think she is “Islamophobic”? Why do some western women revere Linda Sarsour? Help me out here because I can’t wrap my head around it.

Markus 7 Aug 7

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All religions are dangerous and all are (ironically) very evil but some are currently far more dangerous and evil than others. However, ALL of them need to be stopped.

Very true. However, the most aggressive tumor requires immediate and equally aggressive treatment.

@Markus that's a toss up between the 3 major theist states; Vatican, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Cancers on humanity the lot of them.


Good luck with that plan but Donald Trump already has a plan that will defeat ISIS in 30 days. He has been photographed while speaking about it. What I don't understand is that nobody wants to ask him for the plan details. Absolutely nobody.


Stop indoctrinating kids and you stop all religions. 18 year old minds will reject the "Goat Herder's guide to the galaxy"

? ?.


I wouldn't call her 'Islamophobic' but she's definitely an anti Islam activist..........


I think she has been so badly mistreated by the Muslim culture that she doesn't read the Koran completely objectively. I wish her well. She must be very strong.

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