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They say history is written by the winners. But of course the winners can be wrong, especially as mores change. This article from The Economist is an interesting perspective on making amends for past wrongs (though I'll bet some will disagree).


You should be able to reach the article; I did without signing in. What do you think?

chicagojcb 7 Jan 13

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@chicagojcb I think that the Economist allows only a limited number of visits each month.

Similar moves are afoot in Australia where many of the so called historical leaders whose names are now widely used are known for the malfeasant behaviour not only against First Nations People but convicts and others. One of Australia's earliest poets, a convict, wrote a poem that will delight many of the members of Agnostics:
There is also a video recording on YouTube.
The poem delights in naming some of the characters destined for hell who are now still commemorated by statues, street names and towns or locations.



I have thought tis for the longest time. In American history in high school they teach about the boston tea party and the rebellion of the taxes. What they neglect to say is the tea party had nothing to do with tea. They were protecting the molasses that was used to make rum.

I don't think that's accurate. The protest was about all of the unfair taxes on tea, molasses, sugar, coffee, cloth, wine, etc. So while it didn't have to do with tea specifically (it's what just happened to be docked when the colonists were finally fed up) it was about taxes.


Want to see how the replacement of foxnews will see the trump administration 15 years from now?

Maybe. I hope the pendulum will have swung back by then.


As a Canadian I am not impressed this is the equivalent to putting lipstick on a pig. Hundreds of first Nations settlements lack clean safe drinking water and the children there get an education funded at a fraction of the rate of other children living in those provinces or territories and this is the best the Liberal Party of Canada can come up with, FFS.

I guess I didn't assume this is the only thing Canada is doing for its people these days. I sure hope not.


history is about humans past good and bad so winners like news are biased therefore wrong. hitler and Stalin and isis have a place just the same.


Good article. Thanks.

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