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Can you guys help me with some inspiration for my hobby of poorly illustrating things?

My favorite things to doodle are song lyrics, witty/sarcastic commentary on society, cute things, quotes, pretty much anything actually.. I've asked others on FB, but no one really seemed interested. I was hoping some of you clever and cultured heathens would have some cool ideas. Even just vague ones to get my creativeness kick-started.

PoppyLongJohn 4 Jan 14

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Have you ever heard of "Exquisite Corpse" ? It's an art form that came about during the Abstract period between WWI & WWII . Also , I found this new site . Check it out , it's self explanatory , & I spent hours looking thru it . [] .

Dougy Level 7 Jan 20, 2018

I was actually thinking about writing kids stor ies or books for my grandkids, but only did a couple of preliminary takes, a ctually using stories of things they said or did.
Now that you brought this up, I may have to go back to the drawing board.. 🙂
Actually, it wouldn't have to be justt kids... I h aved friends that do funny or silly things all thed time.
It looks as though you have plenty enough talent to illustrate yours.
Also, there was a cartoonist, Gary Larson "farside" use him for inspiration. I hated to see him retire..

@PoppyLongJohn can't wait to see a sampling of what you decide on..


I am a poet helps with creative outlet lets you put words together that normally do not go together to give it new meaning.


Pick a song you like, create your own slide show from it... art teacher had us do this many moons ago... David Lee Roth - Yankee Rose was my choice...


Pack of werewolves composed of unconventional dogs? Like a little fluff ball as leader & other domestic dogs that may not seem so fierce.
Fish weapons - all kinds.

Hahaha I love it! So cute, yet fierce.


The Seven Deadly Sins? Haha.


“Must I be the man in a suitcase? Is it me; the man with the stranger’s face.” -The Police

Always loved this.

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