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Was becoming atheist difficult?

For me, it wasn't. My family has been in New York city for well over 100 years... Irish heritage. From an early age i didn't buy the story of Christ, let alone the catholic thing.

I remember asking my grandmother - if Jesus knew he was god, then why is any aspect of the story impressive?

The best she could do was to tell me "its just important to believe" which of course just doesn't last. But she never raised her voice or made me feel unaccepted in anyway. I was about 10 at the time, and never gave the god question much thought until i was 23 or so. I was irreligious but believed there must be something... then i met a woman who commented "unless god means a timeless, disembodied creator of the universe, then you're just playing word games". Ive been an atheist since.

Despite the religiosity of my mother, and her mother, i didnt get much guff for my questions. And i never felt in anyway disadvantaged for not believing.

I'm privileged to be an atheist in NYC... its really not a big deal in my experience.

Whenever the subject comes up, i freely state my disbelief. My biggest interest is how anyone can believe, and as far as ive been able to figure, its a combination of wish thinking, tradition, lack of consideration, or fear of death.

I'd enjoy hearing about other people's experiences.

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No, though I do find the slings and arrows annoying.


I've always been one, don't know how to be any different. For me it's like asking me if becoming blue eyed was difficult, it's just the way I'm made 🙂


well I was taught night time prayers. Sometimes at the dinner table. The god is everywere was not believable. Then the Jesus died for our sins! And we are born in sin, then we are all sinners! all crap! Seeing religious people treat others like crap. All myths, legends, superstitions, and lies


It was easy when I became an atheist after being a very devout Christian. I’ve always been doubting. I was raised as a Catholic all my life and left Catholicism at 13 and became non denominational. I questioned and became angry at an invisible entity many times when I still had faith in a sky daddy and I lost so many loved ones. The last straw was when my favorite cat ended up getting hit by a car and I found him at 5 am on my way to work. I renounced any god and have been super anti theist since.


The most difficult task was to rely on evidence instead of indoctrination. "What if the evangelists are correct, and I am doomed to suffer in Hell for eternity?"

What a dreadful god he would be if he judged us on our level of belief in him rather than on ourselves.


No. I'm very outspoken about it


No, I'd been an atheist long before I ever spoke it out loud. It is not something that comes up all that often.


I quit attending church decades ago out of disgust for their hypocrisy.

But the 2016 election woke me to knowing I'm agnostic..and I felt foolish and angry for being so unaware before after seeing how my rabid alt-right Christian friends post hate memes attacking minorities.

I defriended the lot of the Trumpites. Including relatives.


Was easy for me. I was twelve and didn’t give a shit what others thought

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