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What is the best way to sustain our future?

The best way to make sure we survive in the future is to produce more scientists and increase the study of technology by changing the way we educate children and adults in a changing world. In the past one would get a job and in the blue color sector work that job until retirement.With the changes being made by technology and science this is no longer true and one must continue to re-educate oneself to keep up with change. The problem is corporations are not willing to provide this training and there isn't anyplace for the blue color worker to re-educate themselves.WE need tech schools that would be available at night to provide up to date training for the workers at NO COST just like public education. As for the professional the same applies.They must continue to broaden their scope of knowledge to keep them viable in a changing work environment until retirement. Change is occurring at a faster pace and unless one prepares for these changes they will be without a job.

Marine 8 Aug 11

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cut down our population drastically


Our civilization is not on a sustainable path. Bacteria on a petri dish grow fine for a while but they produce by-products and toxins that slow the colony growth to near zero. A few will take over the petri dish if they are motile. So, we could ensure survival by traveling to other stars, but achieving interseller travel may not develop soon enough (or be prohibited). On this planet we have to become sustainable, and that means not reproducing freely. Until we're mature enough to discuss restricting reproduction, sustainability and avoiding extinction will elude Humanity.


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