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I've had a lot of people think because I'm an atheist that I have no morals. They treat me as if I'm easy or I'm evil or whatever. Then they proceeded to tell me all the evil things they would do, like rape everyone or cheat on their spouse or murder someone, if they didn't believe in God. This really freaks me out. They're basically saying if I didn't think I would be punished when I die I would be a horrible person. So who is more immoral? Is it the atheist or the one that needs someone to punish them in an afterlife if they commit a crime? Does this mean that religion does have a purpose? That religion can be a good thing? It seems to keep some people in line anyway.

SonderOpia 8 Jan 15

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I think that tells you a lot about them, lol. God is hardly a nice guy, anyway, "love me or I'll have you burn for all eternity"

Nice chap!

yeah and how can you have free will and be punished for it and call it free will? And if God has a plan then God planned for me to be an atheist and so to punish me for making me one makes him a dick. on a side note I love Zoidburg.

@SonderOpia HA he definitely is a dick!! Ha yeah, Zoidy is quality! lol x


If people think an atheist is a bad person or immoral due to that then their opinion is worthless and they are irrelevant.


Hi SenderOpia,you do have morals in fact you have a 100%more morals than the christians who tell you that you are evil,they are only being good because of the fear that they will go to hell otherwise,which tells me they are gutless and immoral because fear is the only reason they are not doing bad things.Wheras you and fellow Agnostics and Athiests do good things because it is the right thing to hold your head up high.


Penn Jillette had some great thoughts on this!


Yes, it's scary how many people would murder their neighbor if they did not believe in god.

Or if there wasn't some kind of repercussion like prison and or the death penalty.


I have actually met a couple of people that do good only for a reward in the afterlife.


Morality is either A) absolute, or B) subjective. For the religious its absolute, for anyomne else its subjective. I like the idea that what we consider as moral should be subject to questioning, rational thinking and scrutiny. If things like Homosexuality being wrong, or that people should be stoned to death for cheating on their spouses are absolute moralities, then I do not want absolute morality. Answer= Non believers that care about morality are almost certainly more moral

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