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My grandmother always said. "If they can live with it I can too"
I never knew what she meant till I became an adult and really understood it when I became a mother. Best advice I ever got.

Jswearingen92 5 Jan 15

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People in general do things for 1 of 3 reasons:

Self preservation

Once you understand their motive you can live with it and forgive it.

Ac08 Level 4 Jan 23, 2018

Reading the comments it makes more sense than the initial post because depending on what it is they're living with, it may not be good for you to idly live with as well, e.g. murderers, rapists, or anyone that should have a truly guilty conscious not just a peer/society pressured guilt trip.

Well duh. She meant it as if you can live with the mistakes or being different the so can she.

@Jswearingen92, I get that now but you have to admit there was no pretense to truly understand where this was coming from or referring to in the initial post. Some people, sociopaths and apparently now presidents, might have that attitude with the wrong things.


Makes you more responsible always put them first comfort first. A bed to sleep in clean clothing to wear, thing to keep their minds active, food . I always take care of myself last.


Thanks, it sounds like great advice. At first I thought it had something to do with Parenthood in particular.




Are you referring to her grandchildren's behavior. I had an uncle who told my cousin-I hope you have seven sons just like you-my cousin never married or had kids LOL.

No she told my mother that. And its more about living with mistakes and being different


Please explain

Its just a saying. Just because its not the life style you would chose doesn't mean you need to put someone down for it.


I'm in the dark still. What did she mean? If who can live with what?

Its a general statement meaning just because you don't agree with someone or something doesn't mean you have to force them to change just because you don't like it. Ska if you can live with it I can too.

@atheist Ah, maybe. I thought it was a reference to something specific about parenthood. But it very well could be a general statement about resilience in the face of hardship or struggle. Good idea, if so.

@Jswearingen92 Ah, I see, so it's basically a form of "live and let live"? I think I get the context now.

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