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Why is it the Catholic funerals have to be so damn depressing, I don't want to see my loved one dead in a box, I'm depressed enough at the loss I don't need to sit through an hour long sermon of how God is saving their soul, I prefer a celebration of life, a party if you will where everyone gathers and we have a good time and some drinks and laugh and remember. I don't need to follow a 50-car train to the grave and watch them going the ground if I have something of importance to say I will go to the grave site sit down and talk, I will not kneel because that's submissive and that's not me

DonConnolly 3 Jan 16

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It and All religions are cults of death..hell Hinduism even worships Kali the Destroyer of Man..


I think Catholics are kind of obsessed with death. I’d rather have a roomful of my friends and family talking about good times and laughing. Not sure about being buried, either.


I heard of a funeral in which someone had put a landline phone in the casket, next to the guest of honor. It was off the hook. Next to the phone was a small sign that said, "Jesus called and Bill answered." Evidently, it was not meant as humor. For awhile it did make me think twice before answering my phone.


And pay loads of money to a stranger who had to phone a relative up so he knew what to say. no, it should be a very quiet affair just to get done whats needed. personally, I wouldn't mind being recycled or as I am going to be, ashes poured under a tree I planted in the wild to help nature. I'm not having a funeral.


I am atheist but I actually liked the 3 wakes that I have been to , my friend Mandy was the first and she organised along with her deaconess all the details of her funeral that would get us to laugh grieve and get over any unhappiness, so that at the end of the service we were all smiling and laughing at the little touches she had made, to get us to laugh and cry.

Next was a man who literally had a massive heart attack and died at our feet whilst on a short break holiday he was in our small party who had taken a break and a holiday flat in the Lake district, and when he was taken away we didnt really know what to do with ourselves and twiddled our thumbs until we actually started to talk about him and his life and ended up laughing. He had a funeral in Liverpool when we got back but it wasn't great and we ended up in his favourite corner in the snug of his favourite pub-

I think that the funeral is an opportunity to celebrate the persons life and to remember that they are really-seriously not there with us any more.The last one was my partners father and he had the most ornate coffin and so many people came to the wake it was standing room only, everywhere - and just like a party with the deceased man lying down enjoying it immensely (it seemed) I think that the wake is for the living and again to be reminded of a significant family member's life.


They want to give you your money's worth...years ago, literally.


Jewish and Masonic funeral - made mistake looking at my Not-Father-50 car caravan is ridiculous. And I refuse to throw dirt on the grave


Been there, done that. But never found it depressing, to the catholics is what you do and you can't wait to get it over with. Service in church, funeral home or in the house of the deceased. Does not matter they are no longer here. whatever that body is. Is what's left. I know, joke aside how I want to be displayed. Here I go... I like expensive shoes so my most expensive....


Catholicism is steeped in ornate ritual. The funeral is among the worst (best?) examples of that.
I grew up hearing the phrase "so and so had a big turnout". It's some sort twisted gauge as to how well-regarded the deceased was. I find it absolutely creepy and completely unnecessary.
Another reason I realized I'm an atheist.

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