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Have you ever or do you desire to live on a boat?

I've been doing some research on this to see if there is an upside to living on a boat. It seems the maintenance, marina charges, etc. would be beyond what my finances would find comfortable. I suppose if I were mechanically inclined and possessed a wealth of knowledge in the care and undertaking of owning a houseboat or boat with living arrangements, I might think differently.

What say you?

MyLiege 7 Aug 20

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I was in a canal boat co-operative we all clubbed together to buy it an then the co-op members decided which weeks they wanted os that we had to let the next person know where the boat was left by hte last person it was good fun but in hte summer months we seemed to always be stuck over the pontcyssylte aqueduct in wales which led to the chirk tunnel interesting but @ top speed of 4 m,p.h hard to get away from- Because my then partner and I were self employed we were the ones who always had to bring the boat out away from its mooring in Barnsley as no one wanted to do the Leeds -Liverpool canal especially not the forty locks flight- We did live on it one chrismas and the hot water bottles froze and we had to plough our way through sheet ice but adventures are still worth it


I could am a Navy vet love the ocean, it is costly on a civilian level. Would need a lot of firearms though from what I gather the pirates are fairly prevalent these days.


no not organised enough plus nondiurnalaquaphobia


Yes and yes! I lived on a boat taking care of a husky and polishing the brass. Swabbing the deck sometimes too! Would gladly do it again provided it was my boat minus the husky. (allergies)

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