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What do you think is the source or cause of aggression? How this affects individual and society How should be treated?

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Human beings, like all other animals, frequently compete with each other for resources and access to better mating. As it happens, in our particular species it is the male who has evolved the lion's share of the aggressive nature required to obtain and protect these things in the course of daily business.

More aggressive individuals dominate and control; less aggressive aka passive individuals are dominated and thus controlled.

Therefore, survival success in pre-modern times depended greatly on aggression, whether on an individual, familial, or societal level. That's still true today, despite the fact that we have in most cases created societies with laws and other means to enact fairness, which in theory should (but does not) render aggression and the associated power struggles obsolete.

Human differ from animals at the level of thinking. Out cortex is bigger and more complex, we can think and analize problems, take decisions and so on.
Definitely our cortex did not evolve enough to take rational decision. Do you think would ever evolve enough to totally reject aggression as a way to solve problems?

@Profile Despite the physiological differences in our brains, humans and animals still face roughly the same challenges. We've just complicated our solutions...but I think it would be fallacious if we were to assume that we can erase or replace a few hundred thousand years (at least) of evolutionary necessity by wishing it so. As to whether or not it'll ever be possible, it seems unlikely, but that's probably okay, and for the sake of brevity right now I'll humbly and with apology save that discussion for another time. 🙂


It's good for a football team to be aggressive. When in pursuit of a goal aggression is desirable.
I think what you're asking about is social aggression and violence. This type of aggression comes from anger and frustration.
When people feel frustrated in their lives, anger is a natural result and that will lead to aggression and violence.
When people feel that their lives are meaningful, that their concerns are being heard and taken seriously, aggression lowers.


Aggression may have a chemical ,hormonal,or genetic basis.Aggression is also a way to maintain social order in many species . So in reality an individuals degree of aggression is a combination of his genetics , environment and culture.

agreed, with environment including his present situation which may or may not require/trigger aggression.


There must be over a million causes of aggression out there.
Whether they're justified or not, is a different story.

Do you trhink that any type of aggression can be justified? Other than the one when we protect ourselves.

People almost always attempt to justify it.
It definitely can't always be reasonable justified, not by a long stretch.


Frustrating things high fuel prices, over taxation, political bashing, unnecessary discriminating, prejudice, inattentiveness, people rushing, medication, inebriation , forgetfulness.

Do you think we are doomed to this kind of life? Where we have to react with anger to anger?

@Profile the intelligent people are so swayed by the pettiness unfortunately intelligence is rather rare.

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