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QUESTION China wants to dominate the world's green energy markets – here's why

“Going green”, then, while undeniably necessary, is a useful image or value to uphold as it serves to legitimate Chinese international and regional leadership. In this sense, it mirrors the way G7 nations espouse “democracy” or “freedom”. Going green also happens to be economically viable for those that have the funds to invest, contributing to China’s transition from the world’s manufacturing base to a truly major power.

China’s response to climate change combined with the size of its economy has thrust it to the centre of a global shift. Large-scale funding through Chinese-led multilateral frameworks could see a new energy system emerge – led by China. This would greatly extend its influence on the international political economy at the expense of those major powers unable or unwilling to respond.

zblaze 7 Jan 17

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Funny how the nation taking climate change the most seriously is a communist one. There is little doubt in my mind that this century belongs to China.


They'e paying starvation wages to people building solar cells that crack and overheat and HAWT blades carrying too much stress. Large scale high-altitude VAWT (vertical access wind turbine) is the way to go; for example, Sky Wind Power. IMHO of course.

Seems solar is a better way to go than wind generation as you have fewer moving parts. I have 12 Solar powered water pumps that I use to water cattle with and they work great. They are cheaper, lower and cheaper maintainence and pump more water than the old windmills. They are also a lot easier to work on.

@Trajan61 It's situational. But for massive stationary power production, stratospheric wind gets you the most bang for the buck. Steady 75 MPH winds, and the gennies can run as hot as you want because the ambient temperature is 30 below. IMHO, of course.


There seems to be a push or a rush to have it here. As I tell my kids slow and steady wins the race.

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