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Hello Everyone, I have joined this group in the hope of meeting like minded people who share my interests and lifestyle. Looking for interesting and stimulating conversation. I live near York in England.
I respect the right of everyone to their own belief. I do not "hate" people or institutions which may be defined as in some way religious or faith based. That is not an option in Agnosticism.

GrahamFindlay 3 Jan 18

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Well Graham, although it's not hatred, I actually do dislike religious institutions (not in an activist way though). There are a lot of interests at stake within churches. Religion is a system of indoctrination to take the free will and free thinking from people. It's the institution (church) that keeps the religion active, help indoctrinating the followers and some "leaders", and those are not necessary Muslim leaders, brainwash youngsters with ideas against which they, in their age, have not so much resistance. It's like an addiction on gambling. A lot of bells, a lot of flickering lights and a small win so once in a while to keep people spending their money. Replace that with singing, organ, candles, all the senses can be aroused, together with all kind of other rituals, makes them a indoctrination system of addiction to the specific religion. In general I agree with you that there is no reason to disrespect or even to hate people for being religious and being kind. Even if they act that way because they should, according to their religion. Hate because of one's beliefs is not part of agnosticism I guess, although, also among agnostic people you find those with all good and bad qualities (I guess), just as you find them everywhere.

Gert Level 7 Jan 18, 2018

Hi and welcome to our freethinker community,


welcome fellow Englander


Welcome to the community, Graham.


welcome! there is lots of discussion her as it helps us all connect and become familar with each other.


Hello, Graham! Welcome to the site!! I hope you find what you are looking for here. You sound tolerant to a fault. Personally, I bear a grudge against all things, people and institutions religious. They have done incalculable damage to the spirit of Mankind and need to be ostracized to the very fringes of Society. IMO religious people have a mental disorder and should seek professional help as to why they resort to delusion to deal with their lives. This includes the "good" people who lend an air of respectability to the institutions that infringe on civil society.


Welcome 🙂

Thank you


Nice that you were able to join us. Lots of interesting topics on here.


Welcome Graham, I hope you will enjoy your visits. I had some hick-ups in the beginning (I'm still in the beginning) but I love it here. Enjoy your time here.

Gert Level 7 Jan 18, 2018
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