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QUESTION Why some African Americans are moving to Africa | Ghana | Al Jazeera

Is this really a growing trend amongst African Americans? If you know of such immigrants, after they have made the move, has their education and experience allowed them to be more successful and helped themselves and the African brothers and sisters onto greater success?

Treasurehunter 6 Jan 18

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I think it is wonderful. Look at how many other races are there benefitting from Mother Africa. We should get to go there as Black People, and, be with fellow Black People.


Hi MsOliver,that is sad but true especially middle aged people that have a degree and academic background,this applies to many countries including New Zealand where I live.My daughter in law is studing to be a primary school teacher,she has two years to go before she is qualified.I hope this does not happen to her when she becomes middled age.I hope you win the lottery.


Think that a move to Africa would not be the wisest choice. They still have the threat of malaria and have to take a daily regime of medicine to protect themselves. When I was in Kenya back in the early 1990's HIV and aids was rampant. Can`t see a big trend there.


Hi Treasurehunter,
for what I have read about the USA with Trump as the POTUS I am wondering why a lot more people are leaving the USA I have read his regime is trying to overturn factual evolution with Creationism in schools,is making clinically safe abortions illegal,and opposing gay marriage and having Racists in top positions in government.

@MsOliver Its odd. I had to work in NZ for a bit and now get emails pretty often asking me to immigrate there. They really want native speakers with engineering degrees.

No plans on moving but it is nice to be wanted haha

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