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What's one thing you like and dislike about

I like the community aspect of the site. What I don’t like is seeing people leave.

helionoftroy 7 Aug 26

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I have not yet been here 24 hours. i like what i see so far with the following caveats: 1. it is a little difficult to find posts that i haven't seen yet (even with my limited time here) and 2. some of the titles are questions, which is fine, but many of the questions are loaded (not quite "when did you stop beating your wife," but loaded enough!) and full of incorrect assumptions. i won't give examples (not now, anyway). i am also not sure i agree with the definitions of the categories, but i am not worried about that. i've also seen a few folks post inappropriately as far as categories are concerned (like posting dating requests in other-than-dating categories). i do think we have, in general, a higher level of reflection and thoughtfulness here than say on facebook πŸ™‚) oh speaking of facebook, i do have a group there called "atheists respectfully united." it's closed (for privacy, for obvious reasons), so you need an invitation to join. ask me. i found agnostic dot com on my facebook page, by the way.



I like the intellectual engagement, and generally civil level of discourse.

I don't like it when - occasionally - that civility slips. There are certain posters on the site who I just don't bother replying to now, life is too short.

Overall, I really like this site.

I have noticed a few confused radicals who may be off their meds. But, nothings perfect.


More intelligent discussions than I find in other areas of the web. The average age is higher than I'd like. I don't see too many young ( < 30 ) and I wish I had their opinion on a few topics as well.

Have you considered joining the 20-40’s group?


I like it for the variety of topics being discussed. Gets my mind working, even if I create an answer that I never post. Good for honing our "agnostic" viewpoints and our writing skills if so inclined.

I like it better now that I've removed the "open to dating" label, as I'm no longer messaged by people apparently looking for a hookup with no other conversation. (That would be the first dislike, but fixed by changing my settings.)

You just asked for one each,but I'll keep going... Hovering

I also like it better now that I've figure out how to adjust my settings so I don't get a list of everyone who hovered to get a mini-profile, either on purpose or by accident - and also that my "hovers" don't get listed for those I've accidentally or purposely hovered over. I don't think "hovers" should be displayed and I'm glad I have the power to hide them!

However, I do love the hover/mini profile feature, it's a quick way to remember who someone is, check their gender/age/location before replying to be sure response is appropriate. I just don't need everyone knowing how forgetful I am - or clumsy I am with my mouse! πŸ™‚

I do that often. My laptop is sensitive and I end up hovering over random profiles listed on the right of my screen. I'll have to go into my settings and change that feature. Thanks!

Yeah, that's weird. It's very easy to hover over someone's profile link on here on accident. I do it all the time just trying to move the mouse somewhere I actually want to move it.


I like not feeling alone in my way of thinking and knowing I can always come on here for support.
I don't like the political arguments.

I don't like politics either.

I cant think of anyone that "likes" politics. It would be similar to liking vaccinations or Pap smears or a colonoscopy. Its just something you have to keep informed on. It affects your every day lives & the lives of our children & their children. Please, be informed & vote.

@Della when it's time to vote I do my homework, but all other times I don't need the headache.


I like that I don’t know something like 99.999% of you. We mostly met here, not in actual life, unlike Facebook.


With the constant addition of new members questions and/or postings are constantly repeated.

Do you have a solution?

@helionoftroy At one time admin proposed adding key numbers so people could look to see if similar postings had been made before. Owing to the nature of the beast I can't think of a solution. It might require a group think.

That doesn't bother me. It's a way to get to know new members, and allow everyone to participate. If it gets boring for you, just ignore it.

I seldom visit the site because of this. It's a bit like DΓ©jΓ  vu. I like to discuss things other than religion, politics and facebook.


I love it here.
For the most part every one I've met are friendly, and made me feel welcome.
There seems to be a great sense of community here, and I like that.
I honestly can't think of anything I do not like about this place.

"For the most part"means to me that there is something.

@helionoftroy Actually, it is just one person. For some reason or other He dislikes me and is pretty vocal about it.

@TristanNuvo I hate to hear that, sometimes bullies pick on people because of their own insecurities.


I like the scope of the discussions.

I don't like it being used as a venting room.

People need outlets especially if it's somewhere they can feel safe.

@helionoftroy I mean venting on other people, not expressing their frustrations.

@brentan well yeah. that is unacceptable behavior.

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