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So I've got a funny story to tell. For a few weeks, I've had what I guess you can call a crush on a co-worker of mine. Let's call her A. Now A is ENTIRELY too young for me and I knew this from jump so I didn't make a big deal of it, but I enjoyed talking to her while at work. I won't tell you how young, but I think the story will spell it out pretty clearly.
Anyway, one of the things that drew me to her is that she's a music major, as I used to be as well. The tipping point for me was when I asked her what she liked to listen to. She told that one of her favorite artists was a guy named Daniel Caesar. Now, I may have heard the name before, but I knew nothing about him so I told her I'd check him out. I went home that night and when I got into bed, I pulled him up on Spotify.
I was floored! I haven't had cause to say "Oh my gawd!" this many times in bed for a long time. From the first bar of the first song, I was just amazed.
So, given how impressed I was and my love for sharing music, I got to work. I grabbed a spare flash drive, put some stuff on there that I thought she'd like, and I handed it to her the next time saw her. To give you a bit of an idea, I put Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse, The Foreign Exchange, Sid Sriram, etc... Now, it would be another week after the hand-off before I'd see her again, so when she gave the drive back to me, I asked her if she enjoyed the music and we talked about that for a little while. Then I asked her if she'd put anything on the drive for me. She looked at me confused at first, and then admitted that she didn't. I told her that that's how music exchange worked. She said that she would tell me some more artists that she was listening to and that I could look them up... Okay, whatever.
So she tells me about this woman named "Seyd" (one syllable, the vowel pronounced like "hey" ). I think some of you might already know where this is going. My initial reaction was slight confusion as I'd never heard of this person before. For context, I was working the register that day and A was on the sales floor, so we didn't really have time to discuss this in detail, but the customer at my register exchanged a look with me and she (the customer) and I said the exact same thing to each other (more on that in a bit...). Like I said, we didn't really have time for a conversation, so we kept it moving.
After we closed the store, A and I were waiting on the manager to lock up, so I asked her to play me some of this "Seyd" she was telling me about earlier. She pulled out her phone, hit play, and showed me the picture. My jaw dropped and I had to cover my face to hide the shock. I looked back up at her and said, "A... That's Sade." As in Sade Adu, the legendary, world-class singer/songwriter that's been making music for as long as I've been alive (her first album dropped a month before I did). For those few of you who don't know, Sade is pronounced "shaw-DAY," or in other words, how a hood dude in the South might say "shorty" if he was yelling it across the street at a woman (gentlemen, don't yell things across streets at women).
The exchange I had with the customer at my register was us sharing a look of bewilderment and saying to each other simultaneously, "Sade!?" I tried to come to A's defense and mitigate, telling the woman that she can't be talking about Sade, that there's gotta be some new artist out there named Seyd..?
Anyway, after telling A that it's Sade, she insisted that I was wrong and that ALL her friends pronounced it that way... Face palm.
Wrapping up this humorous tale, A was really cute and I loved her taste in music, but the moral of this story is, if she doesn't know the proper pronunciation of Sade, she's too young for you bro!

Anyway, here's the artist that she first put me up on, Daniel Caesar. Enjoy.

ghettophilosopher 7 Aug 26

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I remember listing to Smooth Operator in the early 1980`s He is a very cool artist.

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