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When I watch documentaries about suicides, it makes me feel depressed and reminds me of the lows I've had. But at the same time, it makes me cry to know that I have an amazing family and friend base. So loving and caring. Its then that we take a step back and take in all we have. To embrace our flaws and live in the moment. We never know when it will be the last time we see anyone. Always make sure to give them long hugs and try to remember that feeling. Because one day we won't be able to do that

Glaverenz 4 Jan 18

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Some families actively reject all though of mental illness as anything but being weak minded (personally know this as fact though it wasn't MY family that acts this way)


I've seen more than one documentary about the key to happiness. It's socializing. Having a social life, friends, living a life with meaning. Too bad kids aren't educated on the purpose of life, and the important aspects on how to live. Could be a better world.


A good support system is so often the difference between those who make it and those who succumb to depression....depression can be fatal 😟


I don't watch those types of shows. They're too depressing.


Even if our family and friends aren't there we always have to remember that we are here for a reason and purpose.

With all due respect, there is no evidence that we are " for a reason and a purpose." We are here as a result of nature's mandate for reproduction. We will live for our season (barring accidents, etc.) and then we will die. There is no evidence that there is any other "purpose".

We're here for a reason?!? Are you on the right website?

@JeffMurray @dahermit

Thank you both for your comments. There is a reason why we are here even if it is "nature's mandate". We also have a purpose while here, even if it's to provide a carbon exchange between nature. That has nothing to do with religious dogma.

@DoctaJo Purpose and consequence of existing are very different. If we were the only thing that did it, that might make more sense, but if our purpose is for oxygen/carbon dioxide balance, we're doing a horrible job. Dogma or otherwise, reason has nothing to do with it. Reason and purpose implies design.

@JeffMurray Our planet is out of balance because we are collectively doing a horrible job. I agree that purpose and consequence are different. I will say this our balance with nature would be better if we were living up to our purpose and treating the earth better. Our unbalanced relationship is what creates our consequences.

@DoctaJo We are the way we are because of evolution. All organisms are as selfish as they can be and maintain survival. We have evolved to a much higher survival level exacerbating the level at which we can be selfish. The worst part is that it couldn't have happened any other way.

And again, your talking about "living up to our purpose" as if it was intended and planned. This is the language of theists.

@JeffMurray Is survival a purpose?

@DoctaJo I would not call that a purpose, no. And for some, I wouldn't even categorize it as a desire.


To remain humble and appreciate those people around us who mean so key to life. I live moment by moment..never knowingly let time pass by


yes just live as happy a life as you can.


I also have very supportive and understanding parents and friends. Having that is so important! "That I Would Be Good" is a beautiful and sensitive song by Alanis Morissette about unconditional love. I recommend looking for it on youtube.


Not a clinician, but change the channel... get some help. Sadness is one thing, depression is something else. I had an extreme time (Prozac, Xanax), pre/post divorce, career ending shit.
Sought and found help via β€œgroup/counseling” (cheap), but... the more I talked about it, the easier it became to admit, and recognize my own faults, weaknesses... talk, talk, talk... time.
Gotta start somewhere.

Tomas Level 7 Jan 19, 2018

Im not sure if you read my whole post. But i mentioned being greatful for the people I have in my life. I have seeked help, which is a huge step for anyone struggling.
Thank you for your comment.


I could never suicide unless I was dying anyway. I do what I can to maintain contact with my sister these days and will do my very best to visit her again next month. She is going down hill very fast.

I am sorry to hear about your sister. My bro in law died Nov 18 so I been with my sister postponing my return to Las Vegas. I had become her surrogate husband and she is not handling well for now. At least haven't see her crying for a week now so maybe she turned the corner.

@GypsyofNewSpain sorry to hear that, things get tough as we get older.

I bet a lot of people who have committed suicide thought they would never commit suicide. I used to think there was a 0% chance I ever would (outside end of life situations). Not so sure anymore.

@Rugglesby Losing friends faster than I can make new ones. He was the first voice I hear in the morning and last voice I hear at night. Always on my back because I am fucking retired and that's it... but my joke of "I will dance in your grave because I no longer worrying about the little things like making a living." I am taking the joke back never to use it again. Is like the phrase... "Everybody likes fun and games until somebody loses an eye." Thank You... we the survivors... is up to us the privilege to eyewitness the past and survey the present.


I know dozens of ways to take people out and a time or two long long ago this subject crossed my mind. I was always to curious if I could be smart enough to wiggle my self out of a bad situation. ( on no I used wiggled again)



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