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Who has the best profile? I need to change mine, but unsure which way to go with it. Suggestions, please.

phil21 7 Jan 19

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This may sound strange, but do it YOUR way. If you don't approve of afterwards, fix it the way YOU want it again! Let it FIT you!


Have current pics, likes and dislikes,let them know what you are looking for, will you travel or relocate?


Honesty is the best policy! lies are too hard to keep up!


I will change mine every week or so... because I feel like it. I am in charge of my everyday evolutions about myself and I and that guy in the mirror who approves the final draft.


I've been thinking about replacing mine with a preemptive obit. Of course, you don't need to follow my lead. Come to think of it, perhaps you shouldn't.

@phil21 -- by West Houston sprawl, are you referring to Hedwig Village or beyond into the bushes?


You have a great picture. You should totally keep the picture.


Whatever you do don't get rid of that profile photo.

Gee, someone said I should stay current. That's an old one. But, it does seem to fit the overall theme of the site, no?

@phil21 it's perfect for here


If you want examples, click and view our profiles and see if anything resonates. You'll need to at least have an idea of what you want to convey in your bio, I can think of two easy concepts;

Do you just want friends?

Something speaking more to what you like to do for fun and/or your career so people can relate would probably be ideal.

Looking more to date?

Honestly I have no idea what's good for that, maybe something like the friend but also with more partnership oriented points.


Well, it can be ever evolving. It doesn't have to be static. You can share your hobbies, places you've lived, etc. You can add a favorite quote, and/or a favorite video, and change it up every so often.

I try to do this.


Profile bio or picture? I don't read anyone's profile bio TBH.

I was think bio. Interesting comment. Something to consider.


I would go with the premise that I am "The Rock" and fill in the blanks appropriately. Shirtless picks of "The Rock" would go a long way with my wife. Wife just suggested throwing in a cute little micro pig just for good measure.


Be yourself. This site is safe to express who you are and what you want in your life. IMO

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