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LINK 5 toxic plants you should know — and avoid - The Washington Post

These can all be found in the Blue Ridge, just so you know...

BookDeath 8 Aug 29

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4 out of five. I don't have the hogweed near yet.


[] Just a little on your spuds


Nothing could be more of a negative dating ad than a woman knowing a lot about poisonous plants lol. If someone wanted to, they could use any chemical to kill you, but maybe that season of Dexter where his girlfriend was a serial killing poisonous flower enthusiast puts more of a stigma on it lol

1 actually worried quite a bit about the giant hogweed all the time. ? ...and i very decidedly want an onion patch dedicated to only onions. I am hoping the horseradish is so distinctive it is easy to harvest. ?


Still refusing to [pay for an article in the Washington Post.
I know ll the poisoneous plants around here, including my owhn crop of deadly nightshade ( Belladonna)

Thanks for your comment.

Just curious though...are you going to comment on all of my WaPo contributions that you refuse to pay for articles? I do post from other sources on occasion.

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