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Who is your favorite character from Mayberry, NC?

And why do you like that one best?
Just to make it tougher, no multiple picks!

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CallMeDave 8 Aug 29

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I'm about three years younger than Ron Howard, so have always been fond of him. My firstborn son looked enough like him to be his doppleganger. But Don Knotts was brilliant on that show, and he was the real reason I still watch thew reruns. His comedy is timeless.

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

Barney Fife, all the way


really its Ernest T. Bass, but i voted for Otis.


I always thought Aunt Bea was sweet, cute, and silly.


My dad used to work at a juvenile correctional facility and he told us once that he was a diversionary counselor, not a guard - he didn't carry a gun. My reaction was, "Wow, dad! Even Barney Fife gets one bullet!"


Opie of course.


Helen Crump is my favorite you did not have her as a choice.

I ran out at 8! No gomer either

I mean Howard Stern


You left out Goober. The reason I am reminded, I saw the Florida GOP candidate Rick DeSantis and thought he looks a lot like Goober.

Max number of choices is 8. It was hard to pick. A perk of higher levels should be more poll choices.

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