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Something I've noticed on almost every Disney film

The young protagonist is either an orphan, missing a parent, or loses one. I'm gathering it's about the loss of innocence, but in every film? Curious about your thoughts.

bleurowz 8 Aug 30

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I just figured it was a simpler to write a story with only one parent to interact with. Basic laziness!


Something I have noticed about Disney films is that they perpetuate stereotypes and I really get hot under the collar in the way they portray female roles when their main audience is young children.


Makes you bond with the character immediately because you feel sorry for them.


I recommend watching Jordon Peterson's YouTube lectures on Pinocchio. He explains the psychology behind the story. Here's a relatively short one:

@Brascan Jordon The Mean Mad White Man!

@Brascan And don't forget his white privilege! Damn, I love this man.

Peterson responds to claims he is a Nazi:

@Renickulous Yes indeed, and it's not that long ago!!

@Renickulous Education is a bit of a puzzle unless we understand that it is fulfilling its objective. It seems to, at a lower level, train people for the mostly menial tasks every job demands. At the higher level, it concentrates on ideology. I guess this can only contribute ignorance and left-leaning philosophies to society. Peterson challenges those trends better than anyone I know.


Omg Disney movies! I didn’t let my kids watch any when they were young because they are horrible examples. Snow White and sleeping beauty powerless and basically dead= nothing without a man. Beauty and the beast- are you f-ing kidding me Stockholm syndrome! Ariel makes a deal with the devil and runs away from home at 16 chasing a boy she hasn’t even met!!
Am I the only who sees the stories this way?

@Bierbasstard lol. I’ve heard that. I might be a touch crazy but I just didn’t feel these stories were appropriate for 4 yr old girls.


Superheroes too?

JimG Level 8 Aug 30, 2018

Plead ignorance


Yeah..and kids didn't live long either in past centuries in England. Parents didn't name their kids until they were two years old, because most children died before then.


It's also in just about every fairy tail. One of my college teachers explained that fairy tales were originally a way for kids to address the common fear of losing a parent, a common thing indeed in the times when the stories came to be. Then the character has a really rough time but eventually comes out OK. So not so much about the loss of innocence, but to encourage & strengthen a child.

Carin Level 8 Aug 30, 2018
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