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How do I increase my level???

Can someone tell me how?

BradBlum 5 Jan 19

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It would be cool if it was like at the arcade, and we could trade our points in for toys or liquor


To be an atypical Indian...who sees the world in a different a voracious reader ....I have the plat form to decide by myself.Logic drives me, reason encapsulates me, knowledge keeps my curiosity at it's maxim.It's the unchartered waters and science at it's sublime governs me.


Hi everyone I'm quite new here and I would like to learn how to get my pic on here and avatar and on and on thank you all very very much!!!


From your home screen, click on your star that shows your level. That will take you to a screen where it will show you your points and how to get more points. And just chat, comment, like, makes posts. It adds up pretty fast until you get to level 7. Then it is like swimming in molasses.

That is quite hilarious swimming in molasses Oh and nice to meet you HippieChick58...


Publicly attack the administrators of the site. They love that.

Sounds to me like a set up here Gatovicolo you can attack your own nutz

I think a tongue cheek was intended but seemed to have missed its mark @BradBlum


just keep chatting

One person told me to attack the admin's they just love it Not gonna do it...

no, i wouldn't


Just live on the site, posting, answering, etc. You won't have a life, but you will get points.

Looks like a winner to me like I've heard before win, win, win, like I'll win so much well OK then...


Be active. Post, respond, like, etc. It will come, but it's not a competition, so don't sweat it!

But for me it's just the way I'm use to competition is what I've always known the best the Winner seems to get ahead Owell like George 1984...


Is there anybody out there???


Trying to meet a female!!!

Wafflestomp: 5"? LOL

Brad: Just as in the "real world", patience is the key. Dazzle the ladies with your dialectic! Enamour them with your epistemology! Frazzle 'em with your philosophy! In other words, try to emulate me!!! LMAO!

@phxbillcee level 5.

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