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God as literatures greatest villain. The great flood alone qualifies him, but to eternally torture folks...I have to give him credit!

Rideauxb 7 Jan 20

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The world's number one serial killer if you think about it.


I’m just glad the son of a bitch doesn’t exist, yet Christians love this bastard and will make up every excuse to defend this bastard’s actions. The Passover story is what really pisses me off.


I sleep better at night knowing the bastard isn't real


Meh... Dr. Who actually killed two entire races and never looked back.


Oh fer sure, for a god who "loves" us, he has a damn freaky way of showing it.

He doesn’t know what Love is. The only person he knows how to Love is himself. He’s an insecure idiot that needs constant praise and worship.

@EmeraldJewel sorta like that orange freak in the WH.

@JWDiaz lol hell no! I’m explaining his behavior. That is how he acts in the Bible. His character, that is.

I reckon no one has ever heard of "tough love"?

@JayFlight well he/she is an It then.

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