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Moral question? Gene therapy is rapidly approaching the realm of being able to correct diseases of children before birth. Do you think the parents will have a moral obligation to take this action, elect abortion or let them be barn as is?
They will also be able to enhance certain genes to develop certain characteristics such as eye color,strength,etc. Would this preclude a superior army from being developed?
Where would ethics prevent these changes or allow them to proceed?

Marine 8 Jan 20

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My nephew has cystic fibrosis. I'd be good with preventing that. Designer children, not so much.


I think the moral obligation should be in not forcing such things on people. I think the moral obligation should be in preserving humanity and the sense of self and choice. The obligation should be in making sure it is a possibility for those who want such treatments and changes, not to force those changes on people don't.

AmyLF Level 7 Jan 21, 2018

Morality is what ever society makes of it


Wherever there is room for something to be abused, it will be.


My son has severe deformities of both of his "knees" at 16 years of age he is having his second knee replaced in two weeks. I don't care if it was the most immoral thing on earth! If we could have prevented his pain and suffering with gene therapy we would have done it, to Hell with morality.

This being said there will be many questions we must answer about what is moral about augmentation. Soon afterwards there will be much debate about what is human. That is unaugmented "rights" due to their inferior intelligence etc. It will be very interesting times.

@buck1977 I did take a bit of poetic licence to make my point. It is true about my son and I of course would step out side the norms and do whatever I could for him as long as it did not negatively affect anyone else.


Increasing options yes; obligating people to comply with genetic modification, no. A genetic code does not guarantee that trait or condition will manifest itself physiologically 100% of the time.


Ethics will prevent cloning and super army hopefully. Gene therapy may save children that might have died. Congress should pass law to prevent Master Race. but after trump anything is possible.

Do you have a secret crush on Trump? Just kidding lol.


Lots of abortions in the future and of course the rich will benefit first. so a first world problem though. most humans just want food and shelter and haven't even heard of the morning after pill [ or for some ,condoms for that matter]

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