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I find that most churches have agendas... to keep you and brainwash you into a system that you will never get out from...scare tactics... ex:: Hell is real and if you are not Saved ,,, that’s where you are going!

Dwizzle 4 Jan 20

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of course


Agreed..... they're in the business of getting your money. I really wish we could tax churches...


This is so true, and it so sad too often see people get so sucked into this philosophy of being Saved!, churches hold way to much power over people and the most disturbing part is that they evade taxes! In the City of Chicago, Catholic schools are closing left and right, and honestly I don't feel sorry for them or their churches, I feel bad for kids that have friends their and after the school closes they get shuffled to whatever school basically


Glad you got out-welcome to an open thought community.


Churches operate like any sales organization they sell motivation and identity. They have to get you pumped up and eager, and you need to go back every week to get a new fix. I

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