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Maybe I read too many space operas as a kid. I dream of a Human race, that unites under the threat of its extinction. We build a world based on mutualism, and we stride out in the stars together to bring life to our galaxy. not led, not followed, we are a network of connected beings working in concert. we find a balance between our individual needs, and our collective priorities.

I don't feel that this is something that will happen in my lifetime, but it is the core of my passion in what I seek to do with my life. I sit here now at an impasse, struggling to understand where the road ahead travels. I am increasingly emboldened in my belief by the world I see, with so much potential, yet so little willingness to utilize it. So many people keeps their heads bent downwards to the earth, not seeing the vastness of opportunities that await us once we shed our past structures of belief. who looks to the stars and sees our light shining there one day?

I barely even know where to continue writing this post, as I fail to see where it will lead. every encounter I have with other people only further suggests that I am alone in my belief. how do I cope with that? how do I rationalize a life dedicated to ensuring a species that relishes its own end? I do not presume to be right, but at this point I cannot feel that I am wrong. our increasing complexity depends on our expansion, but to expand we must have unity through our one common feature; humanity. I am hopeful, but I do not see the way.

this is how I feel right now, thank you for reading.

Aaron89 4 Jan 20

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Hah! We're threatened with extinction now, and a significant portion of the population doesn't believe it, doesn't care, or wants to make a profit off the misery.


it's a lovely thought and definitely, a big part of how we can save our planet as we know it from being brutally and drastically changed for the worse for humans and many other creatures. it's not an ideal world and just won't happen so get ready for Armageddon and a war bigger than ever before about survival and not power.


You are a Humanist, that's awesome. Bet you can find or humanist groups around Canton-Brockton area. BTW I grew up in Sharon.


There is a book that you can read: "Cannibals and Christians". The book may explain the relationship you are trying to define. You are not alone in your quest.


No, you didn't read too much space opera. If we manage to survive ourselves for the next 50 or so years, your vision will probably be at least partly realized. The key is in surviving our current state. I refuse to be pessimistic about humankind's future, but I know we are treading thin ice right now.

You are right in the observation that too many are looking at the world and the Universe that surrounds it in a negative way, but I think it will pass. We just need that next 50 years, maybe a little more.


Looking back on life and knowing history, mankind has been around for a while. We change constantly and there is no guarantee that we will continue to exist. All I am sure of is that you and your generation have a hell of a task in front of you. Good luck.

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