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While in a public restroom, you hear someone crying/sobbing in a stall nearby. What do you do?

Has this ever happened to you?

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MyLiege 7 Jan 20

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Never been in a situation like that before.


Judging by the sound, intensity, location and time I would determine what action (or not) to take. Sometimes people just need space.


It has.

I asked, and the guy told me that he had just lost his Dad to cancer and hadn’t gotten to really say goodbye.

Then he came out, and he looked so lost. I asked if he needed a hug or something and he just started crying again so I gave him a hug.

Then I told him that his Dad knew.

It took a minute, but then he was ready to wash his face and head back out into the world.

Being human doesn’t take long and sometimes it’s all the difference.

Mirth Level 4 Jan 20, 2018

I'm much more inclined to offer emotional support if I've had some wine lol.... I have many super powers but comfortingba crying stranger isn't one of them...although my awkwardness might lighten the mood


Firstly make sure it's not cos the toilet paper has run out.



Share a square....


Absolutely ask if they're okay, and do they need help. Depending upon the answer, and the manner in which it's conveyed, assess accordingly.


Guys crying in a stall scare me. Most people planning on doing something crazy cry before they do it. There's no awww... It's going to be akright.


If it's US, you choose to help on your own risk. You can live to regret when you are accused of sexual abuse,your life will be finished. I call the police and move on.

I guess if you're a man hanging out in a women's restroom, you do run that risk.

@KKGator Even men can now accuse you of sexual abuse.The US is upside down.

@0752532706 It's bad, but not all bad. Never give up on humanity.


Bathrooms are not the place for social interactions, which IMO is why they have isolated themselves in a bathroom stall in the first place: to be left alone.

Ah! That's a men's room! Women's bathrooms are different. (I'm thinking of the flame throwers and jugglers from a very early episode of SNL - explaining why we travel in groups to the bathroom).


That's a very interesting perspective.

Explains why most women are responding say something but most men are responding with saying nothing.

@TheMiddleWay It makes me think of my sister losing her husband with two fairly young boys and one teen. If the teen wasn't with her - the boys got dragged into the ladies. To this day I don't say a word if I see a young boy in the Ladies.(Accompanied obviously). We also have stalls. More stalls I should say. Someday we'll catch up with comfort and Men's rooms will at least have dividers for Urinals. Gees.


Definitely will ask if they're okay. If not will call 911.


I'm 60, I'm a mom and grandmother, I'm a feminist, and a Mama Bear. When I hear a cub in trouble I'm going to get nosy. I'm going to make sure they are OK, and I'm going to make sure they can get to someplace safe. That's what Mama Bears do.


Just a polite checkup to make sure they are alright. If they say they are ok, give them space, but if they need help seriously, then the least you can do is get help for them. Some people just need somone to talk to as well, so if I have the time I don’t mind listening.

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