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LINK How a Young Woman Lost Her Identity | The New Yorker

A long article, but fascinating.

Tomfoolery33 9 Sep 3

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Excellent article. I read it awhile back.and my heart breaks for her family.


I've read and blogged about a number of cases like this. People suddenly for no discerable reason ... who they are dissolves. And they wander off. Sometimes they are found and recover, sometimes not. Maybe someday science will have a better grip on this, but right now it's still a tragic mystery. Hope she's alive somewhere.


How strange, and how terrifying for her family.


Very interesting ... I wonder whether one could argue that these people found another identity. I am fascinated by the cases where these lost people found another identify and lived "normal" lives as the other them.

I know. The whole thing is very strange.


Seems to be a religious connection

I thought the same thing.



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