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What is your take on Satanism? a taboo subject never as far as I know reported in the media.

Tiffanny 6 Jan 21

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I am a LaVeyan Satanist so I can say that for me it is a reflection of all my ideals and opinions wrapped up in a ln an eye opening book ,the satanic Bible. Now the common myths are that we worship Satan and that we believe there is a power we can control.
Satanism is a religion, world view and philosophy.
It is athiestic.
The religion aspect of it comes in the form of "Magic" and rituals but this is clearly spelt out as psychodramas used only for a psychological/emotional release.
It is a religion of selfish desires but also a religion of patience and temperance/modesty.
Anton spelled out a definition of the Golden rule
LaVey suggests altering it from "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" to "Do unto others as they do unto you" so that if someone is treated poorly, he or she can respond viciously. Mainly treat others as they treat you, do what you want until it violates someone else's personal space. If you ignore that then life will be harder on you.
We have a love for aesthetic and flare. Satan is the symbol for everything human carnal.
Now with Satanism it can get tricky to understand since there are splinter groups.
Real quick there is:
Athiestic Satanism: church of Satan, satanic temple
Spiritual Satanism: Luciferians and devil worshipers (these believe in an actual Lucifer or Satan)

you can also add CoRS to your list of Atheistic Satanists. they are based in the UK and have spread world wide.

Yes. Life is complicated. The "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" has led many to be taken advantage of.. It depends on the situation. Personally I'm not a fan of "Do unto others as they do unto you". We have ongoing wars across the world because of folks doing that. I think a better one is, "A person does what they do because of who they are. We do what we do because of who we are. Hence have some self respect and don't let others take advantage of you, but don't feed the hate either. Acknowledge your emotions but respond with reason and make your reaction fit who you are and aspire to be. And strive for a response that will most likely produce a favorable outcome.". Sorry, didn't mean to get all preachy on you. Thou shall not get "preachy" on an agnostic website. Peace out.


It depends on what is meant by "Satanism" most of the things said during the 80s during the time of "Satanic Panic" was lies and over exaggeration. A modern version of the witch trials.

Now there is a Church of Satan. They use the title to draw attention from the media. They are actually atheist that are advocates for Freedom From Religion and do go to extremes to make a point.

There is a Satanic Church that has loose beliefs that are similar to some ancient Gnostics. Unlike they are portrayed they are not bent on evil, being "immoral", doing sacrifices, having orgies or anything else attributed to them. They basically hold humanist values.


Celebrates personal liberty, personal power, knowledge. Turns the Christian paradigm in its head, which makes it kinda lame IMO.

I'm a fan of the ideals, not the packaging.


Lucien Graves and The Satanic Temple are an amazing group of activits. I think they great work holding Evangelicals to the fire so to speak.


It's alive and well and residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


from what i have seen, there are two camps, the ones that are atheist/ pantheist. and the ones who believe in the christian red guy with horns. i find no need to jion, much like the atheist that adopt buhdism, or some form of philosophy. i prefer to think for myself, and don't need any dogma. magic related or not.

Dogma is needed for an individual to follow a guideline and to use it as a reference when in particular situations.
Now there are dangerous dogma and there is useful dogma it is important to understand there are people who need it and those small group who do not and make thier own self made personal dogma.

a : something held as an established opinion; especially : a definite authoritative tenet
b : a code of such tenets pedagogical dogma
c : a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds
i avoid this when ever i can. why critical thinking and evidence is so important.


The same as any religion out there... people going around talking about the antichrist...hmmm... not knowing anything other then what was told to them... crazy! If you want something to catch on you have to have a bad guy putting it down for sympathy and empathy.


Makes as much sense as God based religion, just never caught on like Christianity.


It has appeared in the media in some stories. I think one was that the Royal Navy had to allow a person to practice satanism. []

Just so you know how popular satanism is in Uk []


Exactly the same as any religion - nonsense. Why would it be any different?

Nemo Level 3 Jan 21, 2018

That is a very strange religion because Lucifer translated is angel of light. I have heard in theory that because some thought differently abstractly, that they have knowledge which in turn perceived as light. So being of light, intelligence was thought of as evil.


It depends on their mission statement. As long as they have a do no harm to others and do what you want to your own body philosophy, I'm ok with it. If they want to believe in an imaginary friend called Lucifer instead of something else- fine by me.


It's fine, but they aren't going to steal us atheist's rep as baby eaters are they?


My favorite number is 666

What about 999?

@JackPedigo only if I'm standing on my head

@steve148 combine that number with Styx and you've got a winner!


It’s another bs fad religion for people who want to feel that they have a community and want to act in illicit ways.

want to clarify these illicit ways?

So what if the religion of Satanic worship is used by some in ways to put fear into children and babies literally to abuse? This goes on all over the world and is still covered up!

It’s still a bs fad religion. @Tiffanny

@Tiffanny are you talking about the ritual abuse cases from the 80's during the satanic panic?

@Myranta No I am referring to ritual abuse that is still going on today.

@Gatovicolo I agree.

@Tiffanny You would have to show me evidence of it due to it being outside the paradigms of all satanic groups that I know of. as I stated farther up children are held in high regards within the satanic community and I have seen satanists turned into law enforcement and Ostracized by their own community for acts against children. Within the community children are off limits don't touch hurt or abuse them. but it seems ok within the church community to do the opposite.

@CharlesAhrens I wonder how you know that ? It works well then as nobody can possibly believe it goes on still in satanic rituals..

@CharlesAhrens Absolutely politicians, royalty, elite can do whatever they choose. Through generations these cults have used children for prostitution and mind control to take away the victims own thoughts and instill fear in order for the victim to obey there abusers commands. Dissociative Identity Disorder is as prevalent now as it was back in the 1980's.


Completely depends on what we're talking about here, the typical cult like portrayal of satanism or something amazing like Anton Levay's satanism?


It's as bogus as a religion as it proports a belief in a supernatural being, be it a god or a goat.


And sometimes I love these guys....



There are a few different types of "Satanism", there is the "modern/LeVay" version, in which Satan is more a metaphor for rebellion against the staid status quo rather than an actual character. Satan in this case is more used for shock value, I believe. Then there are the "rock and roll" Satanists that tend to pull somewhat from the previous definition & sorta dabble in religious diabolism, too. & then, the "true" Satanists that truly believe the mythos & wish to celebrate the "dark side", & usually use many of the symbols & rites associated for years with this "cult".
I think they are ALL childish to a large extent, in that it seems to be a sort of nyah-nyah to the "establishment" by using a "bad" or "naughty" symbol.


So if the religion is accepted and practiced throughout the world, there are those that abuse it such as Jimmy Saville who was a protected free mason Knight of Malta practising Satanical Rituals on babies, vulnerable children and so forth.

First things first. Satanic Ritual would never include children unless you are practicing some deranged form from a mentally ill state. I would like to also point out in the ground rules/guide lines La'Vey laid out Children are not to be harmed. also when you see a Ritual performed with naked women men which ever all parties are there of their own desire. just to make it easier.. I'll add a pic

@CharlesAhrens How do we know that? We can only speculate what goes on at the 33rd Degree.


LaVey satanism is simply a philosophical discipline that places and views humans as animal life. It is quite beautiful, actually. There are some rituals that one can partake in, but the real beauty lies in the philosophy. On top of that, no LaVey satanist actually believes that the Satan character is a real entity.


Satanism is just like godism or Jesusism...only humans have the ability to kill, maim and think what they are doing is for the greater good of Satan/God/Jesus...personally I think they just enjoy what they do and like to put a label on some fun facts from a bibleist


Honestly, I know virtually nothing about it, and don't care to. Seems to me like another club of think-alikers, like most religious, or quasi-religious organizations. I have nothing against them, but neither would I want to ever join such a group.


Sometimes it is used to send a message. FFRF sometimes tries to get to give invocations to public meetings. Many use the fact we are not a religion to dismiss us. Often saying we are satanists get's things accomplished that atheists can't.

As and example, here is a fun group that actually has gotten itself recognized as a religion and been able to do things atheist can't. []


If nothing else I admire their ability to call the Christians, who don't seem to get separation of church and state, out on their bull. I do admire them for taking a stand on those issues. If a courthouse feels the need to put up a nativity scene they should put up a smiling satan. The law much be even handed.

In terms of their doctrines I don't really care. If their members get something out of it and it isnt hurting anyone it really isnt my concern. World is a big place plenty of room for weirdos in it.

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