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We keep having the exact same questions asked over and over,

I wonder if we broke the religion category up into sub topics we could limit the amount of repeated questions, I understand the new people coming in, tend to miss the older post and are more likely to ask the same thing we have already talked about, if we had sub topics like the bible, chrtistianity, islam, apalagetics. etc, it might be easier to see the topics that have already got an ongoing discussion, rather than asking the same things over and over. we also could use a category for other not so religious woo, like the ancient aliens topic that comes up every week, by a new member. unless the admins can combine these post into one giant post on said subjects, just an idea.

MichaelSpinler 8 Jan 21

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I disagree. I don't have a problem with questions being repeated by newer members, or anyone who missed said questions on the first go-round.


I don't think sub-categories is a bad idea. And, unlike at least one other person, I don't think you deserved to be yelled at for mentioning it.

I think a SEARCH feature would also work. I've seen other forums where when you ask a question, a list of threads related to that topic comes up.

That said, even if people CAN keep browsing for the conversation related to what they have in mind, or click on a related or similar thread, some people are still going to want to start fresh from their own particular point of view or way of wording a question. With as fast as this site is growing in membership, you will keep seeing this no matter what changes are made. Just human nature.

Like somebody else mentioned, when I see a question or comment that I know has been answered several times, I simply skip it trusting the author will get plenty of replies, or that they will come upon it while browsing.


Yes, I too noticed that, but we must not forget that new members may have the same questions? I have no idea how to handle that? If I see a duplicate on ideas, I just pass on by, and then on the other hand it looks like I repeat a few ideas...but I address them in a different way! Now, I have never been someone, that repeated anything twice (can be a bit of a problem in perfecting something). I guess, it it became too boring for people, they would just drop off...I'm not there yet!

@MichaelSpinler If you are bored, take initiative. Would posting new issues yourself every day help?

@MichaelSpinler 🙂 I thought so too, but how than can you be bored? Isn't it interesting to search a shop, that you come all the time, to find new stuff? Little diamond in a stack of coals? a needle in a haystack? But I know, I'm only a few weeks active, for me there are still a lot of gems to find.


I agree. We are becoming a community of redundancy ! It would help if new folks got familiar with what is here before posting - but I think many get caught up in the point accumulation, and go into a posting frenzy !

Sub categories might help - but then unless people are willing to take some time and look through them, not sure it will solve the issue ?

Maybe it would help if the ones who have been here longer, point out to the newbies, that their post topic already has some great coverage they might want to check out !

Now this, I absolutely agree with - "...but I think many get caught up in the point accumulation...." (I suspect this also when somebody politely writes some iteration of "thank you" to every single reply to their question/post. Yes, I know I could be wrong about the intent. Just my suspicion.)

I'd like to see people put a little more effort into the topics of which they are inviting all of us to participate. I see a lot of simple statements that really are not fertile ground for any meaningful dialog. (Of course, I am not talking about "Fun and Games" types of posts.)

P.S. Just noticed we can edit replies!! 🙂


It bothers me too. Especially since we have the hashtag engine. It’s like people don’t even bother checking for the same post. There will be three questions on the same day about the same exact topic.

I agree that revisiting older posted topics is good. There will be new input. But not so close together. And the idea of just ignore becomes even more frustrating.


If I understand this correctly, if I am new and I want to discuss something and I'm told we've done that already, that I should go check out the old stuff. I think it is the nature of groups like this that topics get revisited frequently, If you've already contributed your $.02 then you can ignore. Some of us might like to see what the newer folks have to say or add things we didn't think of the first (and possibly second and third....) time around. I think that is the nature of conversations. I wouldn't want newer folks to feel like there are hurdles and insider conversations going on.

I think the only way people could think there are ‘insider’ convos going on, would be if someone said ‘do not comment/read this post, if not invited’ on a public post. I really find that idea ridiculous on a public forum.

I have gotten ruffled feathers from posts that call on certain people only, or posts praising certain people for non public stuff. I think we all could. I’ve also suggested they keep those kind of posts private—they are ostracizing to those of us not tagged/praised/honored.

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