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Women’s movements baffle me, simply because people in this day and age that try to use reasoning, can’t see that woman are superior to men. An x linked genetic disease that shows up in 1/100 men only shows up in 1/1000 women, they are more resistant to genetic diseases. A man is not emotionally matured until they are 45 on average, we are more unstable. I saw a documentary that claims 25 men could impregnate the entire female population of Europe in their life times, making us far less valuable to the species. It’s awfully depressing in a universe where human beings are already insignificant, to be the most insignificant of all. There is irony in women’s movements, it should be the other way around, I wonder how that happened, feels like Rod Stewart’s Twilight Zone.

Funandfondles 6 Jan 21

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I think feminism had it's time in the sun and it is showing that it isn't need anymore. Women are not better then men they have some advantages but so do men. Men for the most part are risk takers that advance society faster because of taking risks and most women are great at running established ideas, institutions and businesses. Sure it could change in the future but that is how things are right now. I am a man so maybe I only see things tru my lense but the idea that men are disposable or less because we can't make babies is soooo wrong to me. Most people think we are overpopulated now so that would mean your argument would be turned on it's self and women are less valuable then men. Also in the near future women wouldn't need to give birth and there would still be babies. P.s. think of all the women that would be lonely and wanting a man but none would be available at all. That would be wrong too P.P.s this new feminism is creating greater push back then ever before look up mgtow, men's rights activists and other groups. Humanity would now be better served with humanism.

I’d like to clarify one miss conception I think you might be experiencing. I think of humans as animals, and as such, there is hardly equality among biology. You make fantastic points as to why we should be treated equally, but my focus was solely on the animal part of supremacy. The flaw I had on this post was that I tried to tackle a full picture issue, with just a few drops of paint, however, it did cause the comments to be on a broad spectrum, and made it quite educational.

@Funandfondles. I also think we are evolved animals that evolved enough to not play by natural rules anymore in a lot of ways. If you look at nature lions need prey like zebras and zebras need lions. Without lions zebras will die off because they would eat all the grasses and bushes and die off. Lions eat all the zebras and lions die, nature one way or a other will get balance over time. Maybe we should mimic nature.


I think the role deference between man and woman got started long before civilization. The physical strength of a man for millions of years was a very valued commodity. Throwing a spear, packing meat, protecting the tribe, and etc. I think women were a highly valued. They gave birth, child care, kept the fire going (an important task), gathered the plant food, and even hunted if the men were injured. It was simple because people did what they were good at, for the good of the tribe.

As technology increased women could do more. The bow made it much easier to hunt, and defend the tribe. At some point men began to abuse their power, and we end up with what we have today. Even the first autos were hard for women to operate before invention the electric starter. Now days we are flooded with technology, and there really is no task that woman can not do, some women can perform better than some men. Just my 2 cents. I thought I would introduce another thread of thought.

Those are good thoughts. This turned into quite an interesting post due to so many different interpretations, I’m glad it was so abstract, even if my intended meaning was only picked up by a few XD

@Funandfondles I think it is complex subject that only the brave would broach. I think there is merit with your idea, and I am going to ponder on it. However subject is delicate in nature, and I really don't have clear view of it. I think it was good to bring it up for discussion. I think I have not slept for 36 hours, so I am sorry for rambling.🙂 And I gave a thumbs up.

Night @Leutrelle

@Funandfondles Would you mind if I message some ideas when I can think clear? I know there is a fly in the ointment, I just can't put my finger on it.

@Leutrelle iv never gotten a message 🙂

@Funandfondles Just click on your icon, and in the upper right hand corner you will see message. Then click on it. The envelope on the screen you now will light when you have message. Just like bell


I'd be careful about distinguishing between different flavors of "feminism," and particularly careful about equating people who think women should have equal political and economic standing with men with other people who (purportedly) advocate women having superiority. The fact of the matter is that men hold a dominant place in our culture, which is an artifact of the culture perpetuated by Our Terrible Ancestors, and this has economic and political ramifications that endure to this day.

It is possible to treat women fairly without being unfair to men. That is what nearly everyone who identifies as a "feminist wants.

I should have been more clear with my post and stated ‘biologically superior’. I never imagined all these words being put in my mouth because I was not specific, it turned into quite an educational commentary though. I never said that women are not struggling with social issues. I also never said that gender equality is of opposing forces, you can’t fix one without the other. I know that feminism is humanism by way of gender equality, but it’s made hard to believe by hypocrisy and the chosen phonetics. Name one spot where I said somthing sexist, you can’t, I just stated facts, and that I feel oppressed.


Let's see:

  1. the majority of women are underpaid compared to men who do the same job as them
  2. women leaders are still subjected to disrespectful comments from their men peers
  3. for 99.99999% of recorded history women have been second class citizens - even in matriarchal societies (e.g. the girl in the family are still held in lower standing than the boys)
  4. I bet that point 3 can be applied to the time before recorded history

Context, mate. Context adds meaning to the movement.

Even if you throw facts at the current state of men v women (e.g. the Y-chromosome, what makes us men, is growing smaller at every generation), women are still much more under-appreciated than men.


I have come to terms that we are equal. How ever I think those who feel they have something to prove do a better job. I stopped paying attention to the women right movement when I saw how the same women were treating the men's rights movement. We have problems to that need to be addressed.

Hmmm such as?


Men have problems as well. Suicide rate is hire than usual but nobody cares why. Men are more likely to loose the child in a custody battle. My mother was a cunt she was an abusive bitch and a horrible mother who hated me witch she admitted. but my father committee suicide because he lost custody of all of us. and couldn't support us on his own. I should have went to my dad he would still be alive today if my mom didn't win the custody battle. Nobody cared about me getting abused by my mom. Personally I think some female activist are correct on a lot of issues but some are just extremist ruining the movement and just hate men in general. We all are the victims of sociological stereotypical diversity and no matter what we do somebody will always feel like they are being treated unfair. Not all men are bad and not all women are crazy but we can't let them to effect the way how we profile ourselves and each other. Men have problems to and if you don't know what they are go look them up. But by the way of your questioning i would suggest you go look it up. Just like Christians don't want to look up reasons to give them doubt about Jesus and the bible and bla bla bla. A good margin of feminist don't care to find out the issues men face because they want to believe there the only victims. Its the same thing you want to know such as what well go look it up google mans issues and problems of society or mens rights movement. I understand what the Feminist movement and why it started but it has turned into something else completely. Basically a anti-men movement. so i no longer associate myself with the feminist movement. I literally won't talk to women at work at all won't help or guide them cause they scare the crap out of me and I'm not loosing my job for some sexual harassment complaint the other guys feel the same way to. So there on there own.

I will basically march until gender discrimination is judged on strict scrutiny rather than the current standard of intermediate scrutiny (a standard that they made for gender discrimination just so they would not have to judge it under strict scrutiny). Gender equality is judged on a less stringent standard than race, national origin, religion. Yes that is right, gender gets a lesser equality standard than religion.


Myah Level 6 Jan 21, 2018

I should have been more specific when I posted and said ‘biologically superior’, that’s just fact. I got a lot of words put in my mouth for this, but it turned out to be educational.


Imagine what life would be like if there were no gender role expectations. People opened doors, treated each other to dinner, bought flowers, were kind to people that they cared for and about regardless of their gender. imagine how much more authentic and valuable this gesture would be.

Coda Level 4 Jan 21, 2018

I frequently hold doors open for anyone who might be around, regardless of if they are men or women, with no expectation at all of anything more than a "thank you." It's no assault on my masculinity to hold a door open for another man. It's not a come-on if I hold the door open for a woman. It's a courtesy, the sort of thing that makes it possible for human beings to live in proximity to one another.

No one is talking about you personally. The point is that gender role expectations are the norm in our culture.


The women's movement as well as feminism is about equal rights. For all. Period. It baffles me that some men and women can't see that. I also don't believe for a second that women are superior to men. Based on discussions I've had with people in the past and my own experience from these discussions, I believe the reason why some people can't see women's movement and feminism for what it really is, is because it makes them feel uncomfortable to be in an equal position. This would require self confidence and guts. It would mean some women couldn't rely on some things that they have been taking for granted and some men would feel not needed for certain things that they need women to need them for. This concept is scary for some men and women because it threatens their value as a woman or man.

Coda Level 4 Jan 21, 2018

I think it’s a mix of phonetics and women that hate men and show no sympathy, that may deter people from seeing that femininisim is actually humanism by way of gender equality.

I disagree. You sound very sexist. First you say women are superior and now you're blaming women.


I wonder if the dawn of monotheistic religions centered around a male God is what brought about the devaluation of women? Men and women are equally important in my eyes. Statistically each gender has it's strengths and weaknesses but one is not superior to the other.


I read an article about women and men. About who matures faster. Also there was a post about it a while back.


Men can write their names in the snow while peeing.

There are some things we are better at after all.

That made me laugh more than I’d really have liked to admit. @Stevil


No disrespect to your POV, just chiming in with mine:

I am now and have always been totally over the whole "battle of the sexes" bs. Male and female is what we have, they are what they are, and it's not helpful to either vilify or deify one or the other. They are both necessary. They both are. Giving them value judgments just needlessly complicates things.

I regard female worship as just as puzzling and ultimately unhelpful as misogyny. I wish we could all just be cool with each other at face value, with no overlays.

Again, no disrespect to your POV.

I get what your saying, but it’s not worship, just facts. In almost every sense, women are more valuable than men, it’s a simple observation, can’t change reality to bend to utopian ideals. I just hope in the future we are all treated equally, regardless of reality.

Please watch the videos above


Somewhere along the line the men gained power and societies became male dominated. Women have received short shrift for hundreds of years or more. Have you read the bible? Women are not valued at all. That is why women are marching now. We want our status restored, we want men out of our uteruses and private lives. We want our voices heard. We want equal consideration with men. You're an enlightened male, I hope you will add your voice to with ours.

Well said!

I guess people are starting to break out of tradition, it’s a start. I just hope things don’t backfire on innocent guys like me. Men really have the short end of the stick, but many are happy pretending theirs is bigger. This whole situation of gender equality would be 1 million times better if everyone just dropped it and treated everyone with respect, regardless of stereotypes, it won’t happen without awareness though I suppose. I might just ware a skirt and belly shirt to piss people off, I did that in high school once, I actually got called to the office.

The videos above are also enlightening

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