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QUESTION From the Women's March

Moving message for all.

BeeHappy 9 Jan 21

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Again, this makes me ashamed of my gender.

This is common among other species but we 'humans' are supposed to be better especially at our stage of evolution. Guess not.


Objectively, it sounds, at least to me, if you really consider her scenarios - she allowed her goals as a person - to undermine her self-esteem. Also, this is not poetry.
She's right, entirely, but ruined her points by how she expressed them. There are better and all encompassing ideas.

Also, that Is Not Poetry. It's an essay/opinion piece.

I think it is matter of opinion as to whether she ruined her point. IMO, she did not.

I think you meant "Subjectively" because you followed it up with "it sounds, at least to me".

@SamKerry you're right.


Wish it wasn't on fake book, I pulled the plug on that 2 years ago.


wow, GMTA!! I just posted that as well!


Terrific. A powerful message well written and expressively told.

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