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My kids like to go to Sunday school. I agree to it because of the social interaction . I sit in the adult Sunday school (trying to paint a picture here). So the pasture will ask a question (I give some thing simple) what does the cross symbolize nobody will answered so he looks at me . I say torture. With out hesitation he says someone have something better.

azzow2 9 Jan 21

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LOL I love it!


That's hilarious man. Thank you for that.

The day I got him to call me an atheist was one of the better ones. I asked where jesus had written in the bible they were all scrambling for answers. They came to the conclusion that god erased the manuscripts. To keep people from coveting. Very lame on their part. Have to say their wheels were turning though.


The cross was a torture device, the Roman government crucified hundreds if not thousands of people. It was a pretty gruesome way to die.

Sounds like that is a rocking adult class and your pastor sounds lame.

Vlad the impaler (The story Dracula is based on) took it even farther . Would drive a spear or stake through hundreds of people and just leave them to die. To boot he would erect the spears so a people could not just pull them out.


Yep... that was a good question... lol.


Haha. Great answer!


Lol. I bet he doesn't look your way for a good while. 😉

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