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Letting people know I'm agnostic?

How can I let my religious family and friends know I'm agnostic?

IamNate 3 Sep 7

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My exact words were "You know I don't believe in any of that, right?"

Subject dropped. I don't remember the exact conversation. It was either about gay marriage or Islam. My dad is a little amazed that I think Christians are as deluded as Muslims. And all marriage is bad.


Why? Unless it's a pressing desire, there is no reason to "come out". I could see it if you're being preached at, then just speak your mind plainly and sincerely.


Just do it the way they tell you they are nuts.

EMC2 Level 8 Sep 9, 2018

Consider not tripping on the label so much as an approach. First, I'd agree strongly with the other comments that suggest you need to do a risk assessment first. If being out about your non-beliefs is going to put any of your life in jeopardy, think carefully about whether or not you need to tell and who. IF you're just wanting to get comfortable with talking about it, consider forgetting the label "agnostic" or "atheist." Reason's sometimes easier to say that you simply don't believe in a god or gods, if that's how you define it. (Some people define "Agnostic" as not "knowing if there's a god; different from "Atheist" in that is a lack of belief in god. But these are just words. Call yourself whatever you want to define yourself.) But think about the soft approach because people have notions of what these words mean, even in our community. A lot of people thing that being an Atheist means you deny gods or think there are no gods. That's not how I define it, but it's a lot easier to have a conversation with a believer if I just say, "I don't believe in god." That's sometimes a healthier point of departure because it's not as laced with potential issues.


In your own time. And when you have as little to lose as possible. Not when your home is under their roof.


next time religion comes up "I'm agnostic" !!! As for friends, if they react negatively, you may want to consider how good a friend they are.


I told my parents i was both gay and atheist at the same time. In retrospect I think it is a bit funny that they were more concerned about my being gay. In fact I cant' recall ever discussion my atheism all the way up until they died.


First, you need to buy a tee shirt. Then wear it to your next family gathering.

Or, you coudlo jus wait util you reach level 8 and then the site will send you a free T-shirt.


He who owes nothing fears nothing. Why hide you're agnostic? There's nothing wrong in that.


"i'm an agnostic" works.

is there some reason another person absolutely needs to know your views on religion? i mean, if someone tries to drag you to a place of worship, it might be appropriate to say that while declining to go, or "no thanks" works too. but if you need to let someone know, just tell that someone directly and honestly.



Just be a good person, and if the subject of religion comes up, be honest. The challenge is to do it in a way that is not judgey toward others, lest you be judged. Let people know that you thought long and hard about it and what you've concluded that works for you.

The first few people you come out to, it may be hard for you, but it gets easier. You may find many of your friends and family are closet agnostics, but were afraid to admit it.

Ok sounds good. I don't want to be rude and I respect their decision to believe in anything they want to believe. Thank you for the tip.

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