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Population crisis wars break out for food and water?

This might be the norm by 2050 ! Many middle east and African nations plus some south American countries are the cause. How would you address the possilble answer to this population crisis?

Marine 8 Jan 22

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We are having water battles in Australia, some regions wanting to take legal action against others for drawing too much water from rivers upstream.


Because those areas are ruled by a backward facing religion and culture (entwined) such wars are almost inevitable.


Humans are the cause and the poor suffer first






It sounds like you may not be aware - but there are water wars happening right now, in various parts of the US. Some of them being right here in Florida. Bottling companies, greedily over pumping free water, which they in turn, sell back to people for exorbitant prices. And too many are foolish enough to pay for it.

This is also happening in New England, and out West. The pumping lowers aquifer levels to environmentally dangerous lows, effecting lakes, rivers, and all the wildlife that depends on them. As the levels go down, so goes the pressure exerted by the fresh water, and sea water intrusion takes place. People with wells notice first. Wells dry up, or become contaminated, and no longer usable.
At this point there is not a part of the world that hasn't experienced some imbalance, or severe water or food shortage. We're in trouble.
Then there's big industry, oil spills, and meat related agriculture polluting huge areas, that may not be able to be recovered in our lifetime - if ever.

As more and more species become extinct (especially the pollinators) - our ability to grow enough food to keep up with population growth could be negatively effected.

No easy fix. Too many people still feel the need to make lots more "mini-mes", and balk at the slightest suggestion to have sex without making babies ! What a concept...

The wars are happening.

A real eye opener of a book on much of this : "Mirage" by Cynthia Barnett

Nestle has rights to drain water from Michigan and is selling it all over 😟 All this while Flint suffers.

@Ad4hubby Just the kind of BS I'm talking about - all they see is dollar signs !

Very good points ,how do we get people to stop praying and do smoething about real problems?

@Marine Easy to dump on people who pray - but in this instance it involves all those who need water and food to live.

evergreen have you ever seen anyone get food or water just by praying? The dump as you called it is that praying is a waste of time and sucess might be attain by some other action!

and many in Africa are suffering more from lack of water. the irony is water never goes away.

@Marine I'm saying that the problem encompasses all of us - religious, or not.


It’s happening, everywhere. In some places a slower pace.. It’s likely the number one reason for world strife, overpopulation and degradation of resources. It’s the reason for world-wide ‘Nationalism.’ It’s sparked ‘Brexit,’ elected ‘trump,’ and is raising havoc in the formerly calm & generous ‘Norwegian’ nations as even they’ve had it with over-immigration. ...problem is, it’s rarely if ever framed as ‘overpopulation,’ but instead, ‘racism.’ What it is is the age old fear of someone taking your resources.. A legitimate fear ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 22, 2018

Monkeypox, the bubonic plague, several other ways of population control I have in mind,I will refrain from mentioning .


Let's definitely oppose GMOs to hasten the arrival of the crisis!


It "might". Then again, it might not.

All ready taking place world wide and in the USA


>This might be the norm by 2050 ! But it won't be. So, I am not concerned.

To late it already is taking place all around the world and in the USA


Go to South America and build a self substainable eco village. Less than 10percent chance the war will carry on down there.

They are already at war with native populations

Still, 5percent of world population, on the scale of weapons for war.

It is too late to turn the sheep back now.


Troll alert?

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