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Any luck

Has anyone actually met anyone on here?

Southernthinker 2 Jan 22

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Nope, but not planning to either.

Here for a bit of (slightly) intelligent conversation, chat with people from different countries and culture and to be a bit mischievous and contentious from time to time.

I suspect that like other fora I have frequented, some people meet up and make friendships and some relationships, but mostly after they have chatted for a while and got to know each other better. And generally far more successfully than meeting through pure dating sites.


I doubt I will, but I'm addicted to social media so whatever.


Nope, and do not believe I ever will.


I admit that when I joined this site it was from clicking something which looked like a dating link. I was and am a bit disillusioned by tinder! (too many fakes).

But quite honestly I see this more as a lounge room with different people all having a few discussions. I love all the ideas on here and all the collective knowledge. My interest has been piqued every now and then only to discover she lives 16000 km from me in Sydney! But at least it's nice to know that compatible females do exist somewhere! I am not against moving to the US for a woman! What's the best place to live, the safest, and keeping in mind I enjoy stand up paddling on lakes/lagoons and hiking in nice forest type places?


I assume you mean IRL? I have. Both from here and elsewhere. I'm still currently single...


In my 23 years on the internet, I have met many women on the internet and various dating sites, but none on this site.


Yes. Planning to meet someone very soon.

Good luck! I hope it goes well. 🙂

Thank you-going cross country.

Thank you @Haider.

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