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Is there a particular spice or seasoning you just can’t do without in your meals?

Garlic, salt and/or sauce, paprika, or cumin? Cinnamon, red pepper flakes, onion powder? Thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano?

What is your favorite flavor?

MyLiege 7 Jan 23

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I use curry probably more than others would like.


Garlic ... and more garlic. It doesn't do much for the social life, but my organs are in great shape (most of them) and I live a relaxed life because I have no fear of vampires. Werewolves are a minor problem, but I have a double barred door and shuttered windows for those few days around the full moon. Their scratching at the shutters is a mite of a bother, but I manage.

I also love all sorts of chiles and salsas. That could be because I lived in Mexico so long. I don't know.


I put pepper on almost everything. I also start most of my meals with an onion, a clove or two of garlic, and a handful of sliced mushrooms. THEN I go see what else to put in there while those are sauteing. .


Garlic. Unless it’s sweet, it’s got garlic in my house.


Garlic. thats why I have never seen a vampire. lol


Black pepper ,garlic , crushed hot red pepper,.In the summer I grow mint ,basil ,and parsley that I use in my salads


Hot pepper! Certain meals are not worth eating without hot pepper.


I don't like them at all. oh, I do like cumin but don't see what it has to do with it.


A lot of the food I cook is hot--Cajun, Mexican, Thai, Indian, and Korean chief among the spicy cuisines I like--so I suppose it would be a hot red chile or pepper of some sort.


Puertoricans have their mix... called recado and sofrito. I am just an eater. But I got a lot of respect for those who can prepare a savory meal regardless of culture.

I love sofrito. My kids like when I make PR rice 🙂

@MyLiege Si.



Does the dating half of this site calculate garlic affinity for compatibility?

Haha! That would be interesting.

I love garlic! There is this small chinese family run spicy noodle shop near me, and they sell pickled garlic. in a whole bulb. and you eat it like an apple, its very sweet and delicious. That may be going a bit over the top lol. Also Japanese Yakitori style grilled skewer of garlic cloves. Oh my. LOL . Probably not the best idea to breath on any one for a couple of days after eating that. haha


Depends on the ethnicity of what I'm cooking. But I do like my home made Sriracha hot sauce...

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