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Is amazing to me that people really think that unless you have some kind of religious faith you have no morals.
Can we trust this? If true what can we do to really show them? I have raised two wonderful humans with no religion affiliations. My grandchildren too, they teenagers and great kids no religion. They know right from wrong, how can they come up with a prejudice like that!!!

CeciRosane60 7 Jan 23

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I am good without god. I think if you need the fear of hell to be good, you truly aren't a very good person.


My thoughts on morality are we have some religious influence wether we are religious or not. I thought as Xtain that it was wrong to think that the nonreligious people couldn't be good folks, and represent good morals. I think people tend to copy what ever good they see, and some copy bad behavior because that is mostly what they see. So our family, friends, and media all give clues on what is good, and then we emulate what we see as good.

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