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How Important is Nudity?

I feel more comfortable on a nude beach or when I’m modeling than I do when I’m in a bikini. Why is that? But then, I’m only comfortable when I’m being a jerk.

lisaemc2 4 Jan 23

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I am in no way an exhibitionist, I am extremely overweight, I have a private yard, pool and live on the beach, nude when no-one is around. If I have a lady friend over, we are rarely dressed due to the heat here, we will wander out and jump in the pool. However when others are around, it is mostly beachwear. When I was younger I lived in a commune in teh mountains, no neighbours for miles, so up in the morning, wander around the orchards, swim in the dam and so forth as nature intended. We moved to a new trendy beachside resort town, we built he 1st house in the street, no neighbours, get up of a morning, walk outside, water the trees, look at the beach. So one morning I am pottering about my yard, crews of builders driving up and down the street working on new houses and I have this strange feeling something is wrong. Oh yeah, we haven't put up any fences, I am in hippie mode wandering around starkers in full view of the world.


This photo was taken the day my first true soul mate died.

My condolences.

I’m sorry for your loss. That has happened to me as well..


Very important to me ! I've been a nudist most of my life.I find Nudists are much more happy in general and pretty opened minded.


Considering how excited everyone gets when a woman breastfeeds or takes her top off, you would think it was the end of civilization or some shit. For me whether you are nude or not is only important if cooking bacon or hiking through deep snow.


I'm a closet nudist. The instant I walk through the door, my clothes are coming off. If I'm home, chances are, I'm not dressed.

What about when you have to answer the door?

@balou depends on who it is! Lol. I throw on sweats of PJ's if I have to answer. If it is LDS or JW, I peek around the door and tell them I'm not wearing any clothes. When they ask of they can leave propaganda in the screen I tell them not unless they are prepared for me to retrieve it naked. They generally make a hasty retreat. Lol.


maybe its the freedom you feel

i guess you have to be


Clothing is to be worn only so much as is necessary to shield oneself from the elements. The thought of "sleepwear" bothers me. How does one sleep comfortably dressed from head to toe?


I'm struck by your last sentence. You went out of your way to admit that you are comfortable being a jerk..


Nudity is the acceptance of your body...and in no way you re a jerk. I was not om;y born into an Atheist family but, also, into a nudist one.

Apparently Nudists have a way better body image. Makes sense you know it takes it all kinds and therefore don't suffer from the terrible self-consciousness of others.


Uh. Has anyone else skipped past the byline...and seen the "helpful hashtags"? Suicide? Nudity? Death?

that caught my eye too.


Nudity is very important when taking a shower. Or a bath. Or getting a massage. In my opinion.

Hmmm.....I've never heard somebody say "I'm only comfortable when I'm being a jerk." How does that go over in relationship with others?


It is who you are. Comfort zone is important to all humans... a place where you feel at home. But to many clothes is the big equalizer. I always say... if there is an afterlife... there will be no clothes. I remember being about 10 and talking with buddies about when I get married at 19 because I didn't wanted to get married at 18. I was going to commit a crime that will put me in jail for a year. I will tell my bride that my first 24 hours we needed to spent naked because it was a family tradition from the men in my family. I was 10 okay? But I like to dress like a gentleman and I am a shoe freak yet I recognize nudity is the natural state of mankind when not in cold weather.

Actually even in cold weather. I've always lived near a large (and one of the first) Nudist camps in the US. Our old milkman once said "Even in a snowstorm it's just galoshes there".

@RavenCT You are a stronger being than me. But what a man won't do for a little nudity?

@GipsyOfNewSpain Oh not me! These were our neighbors. So to speak. Every kid in my hometown knew where that place was located. And none made it in. lol

@RavenCT So that is the "official story" for dissemination. None made it in.

@RavenCT Since you are from CT I guess you are talking about Solair or Berkshire Vista.

@GipsyOfNewSpain They are very well fenced. 😉

@RavenCT Time to bring the tunnel diggers.

@DUCHESSA Solair. BTW Big Bird? Nudist. Just to freak you all out. Or not? lol I mean those suits must be hot? Now a local CT artist.

@RavenCT I also like Solair very much; people there were a lot friendliers than in BSV.. Big Bird...the puppeteer?

@DUCHESSA Yes - Carol Finney. He's still around too. My parents good friends lived down the road from him. They knew him well.


Maybe the nude beach is the equalizer ? IDK ?

@irascible E X A C T L Y.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Simply beautiful!


At home sure!


I'm comfortable being nude when it is not inappropriate. It's not such a big issue on many European beaches.


I'm a total nudist some of the time, but due to my very large breast's, I sometimes wear a short t-shirt or shorty top, and nothing else.


Please accept my condolences on the loss of your should mate. I believe grief and mourning can make our emotions go a bit awry.


I prefer to be naked, but only if weather permits and I'm indoors.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

I am a nudist and have been to resorts, hi. You are normal and now way you are a jerk

Which resirt in the east coast is your favorite?

She said she is most comfortable being a jerk. Do you know her in real life to know that she is teasing?

You've heard the saying "When people tell you who they are, believe them." ?

@DUCHESSA River Island has good aura

@Babyseal I never visited that one.

@DUCHESSA is east Australia. When in USA in 09 I visted Shangri La Ranch in Arizona, it was awesome

@Babyseal In Australia (lovely country) I went to Bondi beach...but I prefer the resorts.


I just think it’s wrong how ashamed of the human body people seem to be. It’s one thing to be worried about nudity for hygienic and other practical purposes, but no one should have to be afraid that their body is unacceptable. People are going to get aroused at first, but as long as they aren’t staring and pleasuring themselves to you, it’s all part of breaking the mindset IMO, why the nonsensicle expectations?

In all my years as a nudist I only saw one guy getting aroused; he was removed from the premises and his name was added to the -nationwide- "no admittance list".

@DUCHESSA I would think in young men of a certain age it would be very improbable to prevent erection? Is this something just expected of adults?

Also Nudists are expected to put down a towel in public areas. I had an interaction with Solair after getting my car stuck down a back road and hiking out through the woods. Yup ended up in the Nudist camp off season. (Apparently from the CT side there is less fencing?) The only person I ran into was rude! (And a Dr who didn't notice I was limping like Quasimodo). Thankfully a Fall Clean up crew worker showed me where the club house was and a pay phone so I could call for an ambulance) - After the board was informed of all this they invited me back anytime. Which was very civil of them! Wanting to give me a much better impression. Also guests like that are allowed clothes. 😉 No I never went but felt very positive about the goodness of the rest of the folk there. Willing to share a meal with someone who had essentially invaded their private space (Entirely by accident). I know the woods well from the MA side and knew I'd never make it back uphill with the messed up ankle. BTW I believe every member of our Volunteer EMT Dept. showed up on the ambulance! I can only imagine that call going out "Chance to get into the Nudist Camp! Who is in?". Some of us remain silly buggers for life!

@RavenCT I guess if the young man is not "demented" he can control himself. As I said, I only saw one guy getting aroused...he was in his late 20s.
When in Spain -World capital of Nudity- I went to get a coffee at the beach's kiosko; behind me was a gentlemen with two kids (they were textiles) and a long line of nudist/ non-nudist. Nobody gave a piff.

@DUCHESSA By "Young Man" I meant teen. I should have been more clear. My understanding is it takes some years to get erections under voluntary control.

@RavenCT If everyone was allowed to be naked, we would need to be willing to forgive anything that’s not outright offensive, things take time to get used to.

@Funandfondles Absolutely agreed! I just figured maybe at that age they always carry a towel? Sort of like the old notebook cover up. (Why do I know this stuff?). Oh right that Human Sexuality Class in College. 😉 Wow that almost sounded like a Douglas Adams quote...


The most comfortable state, weather permitting.
Don't forget the sunscreen 5000.

Emile Level 5 Jan 24, 2018

So you are happiest when being an ass, while showing your kind of girl!


Clothes have practical functions (keeping things hygienic for instance; absorbing sweat). But in the right weather, I'm a casual nudist. Free the willy. Free the nipple. And it should be illegal to swim with any clothes on... It just feels right. 😉

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