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Time for Nostalgia. I remember when men used to whistle to women and the ladies response was a smile. It was a time when people walked to places. And the beauty of youth was acknowledged. I was a terrible whistler! two things I couldn't do... whistle or rollerskate. But my two older sisters in their teens prop me up and prepped me in the right direction. Maybe that's why I tried so hard to be good in other things like dressing up, dancing, sports or poetry because I could not get a woman's attention whistling or roller skating. I had to build a reputation as an introduction. Then came the afro and my larger than life 'fro was my introduction. The things you do to become socially acceptable! Should never be forgotten.

GipsyOfNewSpain 9 Jan 24

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Hi Gypsy of New Spain,yes I remember those days of men whistling at girls and the girls smiling back at them,those were good days and in New Zealand your job was there for life unfortunately that changed in 1987 when the the government of the time and namely two people in that leftwing government coerced the PM to split the New Zealand Post Office into seperate enterprises banking,post office and communication and the next rightwing government sold off those enterprises to private ownership and also in the private sector the right wing government broke up the unions so from then on a job was no longer for life.I remember as a teenager I loved Elvis Presley songs and movies and would have liked to have a similar hairstyle ,but my hair was straight so I could not.

I look around this world we are living in and there is nothing to whistle about, so I feel you brother.

My friend wrote and performed this. It pretty much sums up how most of my female friends feel on the subject. A great

Thank You Much!!! That is a Mean Vata with all due respect.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I am blessed to work with some talented folks.

@Elatcha Every time you step on a stage and perform without making an ass of yourself... you are blessed.

@GipsyOfNewSpain you seem like a solid vato yourself. Glad to meet you.

@Elatcha Raza Latina is Big Bro.


Times change.

skado Level 9 Jan 24, 2018

And not always for the better.


It was always about the power of the whistle - male power among his peers and female power at being acknowledged. The practice of that power... ahh, that's another story!

In my day was the first compliment to a female we learned. Most likely she knew who whistled and it was in her power to turn and grant you a smile or ignore you. From a woman stand point I had never asked anyone if they collected whistlers and counted them at the end of the day or felt bad when they were looking their best and nobody acknowledge it. Was it an insult? I have a different inside about this male/female thing because my ex GF teaches partnered dancing to children... and there is always that fear of first contact. So inepts. And I am always recommending from kids to grandpas to get some partnered dance lessons. If we are taught that the other side is a monster... guess what? That will be our perception and is hard to overcome. I hear here and everywhere people having more than just intimacy issues and problems, a simple contact of brush of the skin, invasion of space. And I recognize that you should always have control of your space and that control should never be surrended to anyone. Often enough I read how many of us want and believe and wish there is Alien contact with us. A superior race won't be interested in any contact with us as long we can't even had positive and issue free contact within ourselves. Not criticising anything you had said. But seeing adults with those kind of issues and when I attended her group lessons as a "ringer" I saw it constantly. Specially that you go to a group class and there are 20 women and 5 guys and out of the 5 guys, 3 are with their partner. I know that bad reputation men have among women has been well earned by us. But if you want to remove those issues? You have to start at the lowest possible level. If many men learn to appreciate the opposite sex at age 6, there will be less abusers when they are 16 or 26 or 36. Just my take. We can't keep the power in one side only because that side will abuse it. And so has been the case and we are as men the guilty party.


I was just thinking about this as I had just finished watching a video on the topic. I had the realization that since we are all animals, we aren't much different than the animals that show off, look for beauty or strength, etc. When it is put into this context, so much male/female behavior makes more sense. The guys are looking for an attractive mate while the ladies are sizing them up. It's all part of our natural desire to procreate. This happens all over the place in the animal world.

But I admit guys get out of line way too often.

I knew there was a good reason (jajaja) ! I’m joking.
I never thought about it like that, and see the point. Unfortunately, the male species seems to have taken advantage of this theory in “areas” other than attempts at securing a mate... mates.
We’ve gotta fix this... adjust, improve, rise above our animal instincts.

Tomas - That's almost exactly the comment I made to someone else. Hopefully we as a society will make adjustments and improve. This is when understanding the background (evolution) could be really beneficial. Most people don't consider us an evolving species, but rather that we were created a certain way to act a certain way. Clearing out that thinking could really help up along in the way of improvements.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Some guys do, but most guys are pretty respectful. Society could really benefit from learning more about people (personality types, opposite sex) and healthy communication skills. Unfortunately, students learn more algebra and adults learn more about celebrities and nonsense. lol


Thanks... I needed that. ... kidding...

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