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Are You A Litter Bug?

I know They are out there. They are driving in the car, and all of a sudden you see the window goes down and out comes some trash. Things like fast food bags, and candy wrappers, or a fountain drink.

Perhaps its a smoker with the window down, and just as you see the last puff of smoke escape the car window, then follows a Cigarette Butt.

What about a person is walking down a street eating a bag of chips or a candy bar. Once the bag or candy wrapper is empty of all contents, its immediately dropped on the ground as they walk away.

Are You A Litter Bug? CONFESS!!!!

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twshield 8 Jan 24

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I am an extreme in the other direction. I live on a beautiful island and twice a year the island gets together and do a massive litter clean-up (mostly beer cans/bottles). After visiting Viet-Nam I saw how horrible litter can be. Every time I go for a walk I take a bag with me and pick up litter I find.

Thats awesome Sir!

@twshield Sir, now I feel old!

@JackPedigo sorry " dude" is that better?

@twshield How would address me if I were female? (dudess)

@JackPedigo mistress lol


I despise anyone who throws anything out the window.

especially lit butts during the dry season.


I pick up litter.

I dated a guy once who smoked in his car but didn't keep an ashtray in it. I didn't break up with him over that, but I could have.

your average smoker don't use ash trays in their vehicle. I think people think it helps with the trade in value of the car but it actually has little to no impact

@twshield My car doesn't have an ash tray. I don't smoke so no big deal.

I think ashtrays became an option in cars at least 5 years ago, same with lighters... @Leutrelle

@twshield ... disagree with your statement... “has little to no impact”... was in the business, appraising cars, etc... I know of “smokers car” that were devalued by $500.00 to $1000.00. Replacing car rugs, headliners, shampooing, helps but the smell gets into the viny, metal. Frequently those care are sold at auction.

@Tomas Yes I think you are right.

@Tomas perhaps but having family which are car salesmen, your average used car was also once a rental car and people do all kinds of things to rentals including smoking. The cars are refurbished and re sold. many buyers are no even aware of the cars history.

@Tomas i wouldnt buy a smokers car. yuk


I'm sure that I've littered inadvertently at some point, but I usually end my day with food wrappers and a cigarette butt in one pocket.

we all are guilty!


I hate litter. I live in beautiful countryside near the coast and it properly upsets me when people litter

such an eyesore


People who walk past litter even though they've seen it there

People who attempt to throw something into a trash can and miss, then walk away and leave there.
These both bug me.



Couple quick stories... taught my two children to never litter, one day (many days) I was doing laundry (did it all), went through pockets of kids clothes, found gum wrappers, candy wrappers, anything many others might just throw anywhere but in a trash can... proud dad.
Driving from FL to PA, I noticed littering fines posted along the highway... FL up to $1,000.00 fine for littering, GA, $500.00, SC, NC, VA, MD, DE, $400.00, $300, $200... the closer you got to PA, lower the fine... the more littered the roads. The culture of littering... plus we have the worst (courtesy wise) sports fans in the world... connection ??? Now live in AZ.

Tomas Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

Great Dad!


Definitely not. That is a pet peeve of mine. Can’t stand to see someone litter.


I am the the opposite of a litter bug. Whenever possible, I pick up trash that some inconsiderate knob tossed on the ground.


I don't litter and once had a section of highway I cleaned when I was in Utah

thats awesome!


Only if its biodegradable



Litter bug, litter bug, shame on you!

godef Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

I don’t actively litter, but humans do, even unknowingly. Put us together and this is what you get.


Tree hugging backpacker here.


I never litter and become angry when in a public area ,shopping area etc that has no trash cans and have to carry my garbage or put it in my pockets

good man!


I don't litter and have been known to request politely that those who DO litter pick up their trash, should I catch them: thowing down a cigarette butt, tossing away a paper cup, or carelessly discarding that burger wrapper, etc. If they refuse to do so, I then do it for them, after reminding them there IS a town litter ordinance. I pick up trash regularly along the Creeper Trail AND the street where I live.

good for u!


I have a bag, paper, in the car for all trash. Even back when I was a big league smoker, I carried a small tin in my pocket for the butts when there was no place to dispose of them. When I was sailing a lot, I kept my trash aboard until the next port, after all, it didn't occupy any more space than the original product. Appropriate food leftovers that no one is going to eat find their way out back for the wild critters who share our space.

Obviously there has been accidental littering over the years --- it's unavoidable, but in general I avoid it like the plague. That said, I can tell you that I don't think littering has gotten worse on a per capita basis. I think it is more because there are so many more people and manufactured goods and packaging have changed. There is much more in the way of plastic things around with a half-life of 10 godzillian years, like water bottles, grocery bags, etc. that those who chuck things chuck.

Fortunately, products are coming along that will largely eliminate that in the near future. Biodegradable algae and seaweed based plastics for instance that won't contaminate the environment.


I only litter with stuff that wildlife can use. So dog fur and hairbrushes for birds to build nests with or the remains of food that animals might eat. (We live in the country, so primarily it's the deer who love what I throw out.) Back when I had a convertible, I sometimes did accidentally litter when a loose receipt or something would fly out, but I've never intentionally dropped crap on the ground.

Back when I owned a truck, though, I found out how many people think truck beds are also garbage cans. Best was the time I found a half-eaten chocolate chip cookie back there.

thats cool!




One thing I've never, ever done is litter. If I see someone littering, I pick up what they've dropped and hand it back to them.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 24, 2018



I never litter. I don't understand it. There are garbage pails all over the place in NY. I have seen people throw stuff on the floor while being a few feet away from the garbage pail. People are oblivious.

yeah thats really lazy


Nope...I hate litter.


I don't think I ever been.

are you saying you have never littered in your life even as a child?

@twshield I was a vandal as a child. But in front of adults I was very well behave or I could had been beheaded.

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