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Have you died or almost died?

I suffered a major stroke back in 2013, it was a rarity to suffer one at 34... a torn neck artery SHOULD have killed me as I was bleeding out internally be for it formed a clot that caused the stroke. Doctors & specialists have repeatedly told me I should be if not dead, at least not have usually recovered and be as close to "normal" as I am. I'm not without issues from it (vision, comprehension, nerve issues, etc) but for the severity, I'm lucky to have lived through it.

It makes me wonder, who else has come close to death, as I have.

KainGray 5 Jan 24

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3 times, 3 separate incidents. Still here.
Perhaps I am the solipsist that I sometimes think I am.


Wow, KainGray. I'm glad you made it. 🙂

In my mid-20s, I went into anaphylactic shock after taking two Aleve aspirin. It was terrifying. My partner at the time threw me into my car and was rushing me to the hospital and ended up stopping at a fire station, because she didn't think I would make it. I spent the night in ICU and was fine.


Ive had a stroke too , back in 2012. I suppose I was close to death at the time , but thinking about it , I,ve been dying since birth .


I survived an assault and hitting a car broadside while I was peddling my bike downhill in a hurry. THye turned left i front of me. Everything went slo mo and I ended up laying in the driver's lap. My bike was shortened an inch and I did 3000 dollars damage to the car in 1980. Walked away so not really a near death thing


Passed out while snorkeling as a teenager, somewhat drowned, resuscitation didn't work, but I came to 20 minutes later in a parked ambulance, all good.I always stayed under a long time, over 2 and 1/2 minutes, long time for me, I assume with no movement my body retained sufficient oxygen and gave me a good kick after a bit, no defibrillators in country ambulances in those days. No doubt my heart and lungs were working for some time before I regained consciousness. I have always been big, always had very low blood pressure and very low pulse rate, still do to the point it concerns doctors on my vary rare visits.


About 19 or so times. How I am sitting her typing is amazing bad car wrecks, almost ate it in the services, guns pulled on me, lightning was about 6 inches from me, electrified, doctor gave 2 medicines that if took together would have stopped my heart just my luck I had not taken them got cut needed stitches doctor looked at my chart. He asked me if I still had meds told me what would happen if they were mixed.


There has been several times that I should have died

  1. suicide attempt. Took 30 Dalmanes and 30 Phenobarbitals along with drinking beer. Still after over 30yrs I still don't know why.

  2. peritonitius. Appendix burst and the ER doctor tried to tell my parents that I had an STD. Luckily my parents were good friends with the Chief of Staff and got me admitted. Was in ICU for a week and at one point they weren't sure if I would live through it.

  3. 1st husband loaded a 12 gauge shotgun, cocked it and put it inches from my head.

  4. Open heart surgery for quadruple bypass. This one I technically died as they had to put me on a heart/lung machine to do the surgery. So, in some aspects I'm now a zombie 😛

Wow. I glad you made it.

That's probably the reason why death does not bother me. When it's my turn to die, I'm going to no matter what.

tough cookie


I haven't, but the universe does seem to keep failing to kill my father.

He and my mother met when she witnessed his motorcycle accident. Then one time he was walking and had chest pain. Called my mother who told him not to walk back, she'd get him. Took him to urgent care who told them to go to the ER. 99% clogged LAD artery. Doctors were shocked he wasn't in the morgue instead. Then he got a severe case of cellulitis while we were in the Caribbean that wasn't treatable with regular antibiotics. Spent over a week in the hospital on the strongest antibiotics - and because it got into his lymph nodes, it keeps coming back every so often.


In 1990 felt slightly ill at work one day and thought that maybe it was the flu virus. Three days later it got worse and I went to see my doctor, I just made it to his office and fell flat on my face as the automatic doors opened. I awoke in an ambulance on my way to hospital with some kind of drip (saline) attached to me.
I was delirious with spiked high temperatures of 43 C (109.4 F) on a life support machine, internal organs under heavy attack. After blood analysis it was clear that I had systemic poisoning.

My wife had that. It was very scary.

wow any idea how that happened?


Yes, twice, which is quite enough, thank you very much.


Got a really bad case of Dengue Fever when I was 8. Doctor said that if I was not rushed to the ER that night, there was little chance that I could have survived within 2 days.


a few times I have missed death by luck...but only once have I actually died....I have heart arrhythmia that they kept telling me was panic attacks...I don't really do 'panic'....and by the time I would be seen in the emergency room, the arrhythmia would pass, and I would be fine....finally, a friend of mine came into town to see me after an 8 year stint in the army...I go to meet him and started puking constantly....before the party could start...haha....then my jaw starts to tighten and go to the left...this time I went to the emergency room and they figured out the problem, and had to reboot me....stop my heart and start it again....I guess I sat up after my heart was stopped and said,"That kicks like a mule." and laid back down....the nurse in attendance wouldn't go in my room after that...people are weird. Or maybe I am weird and people are fine. Shut up....hehe.


3 times in 8 years-car accident-broke my back, AML, acute myloid leukemia and blood clot in lungs/heart failure. Have issues too but I'm living again and traveling cross country tomorrow to meet someone from this site.

good luck with that


I didn't take nearly enough benzos and opioids to finish the job. EMTs and Narcan got to me, I slept for a day and a half, and now here I am.

Life hardships are difficult.

glad you made it back


I did as an infant. I choked, from congestion, stopped breathing, went limp, and turned blue. According to the story I was told later, Dad was driving toward the hospital, Mom turned to him and said "We've lost him". Pops said "Turn him upside down and stick you finger down his throat". It made me cough. Whew! THANKS, POP!

skado Level 8 Jan 24, 2018

I almost got murdered.


@btroje Do a BIg WOW... I am still here to to tell.

@GipsyOfNewSpain WOW

@btroje and my friend I salute you for not letting me down.


Yes. I am "fine" today but who knows how much longer I have on this planet. Heart attack is no laughing matter....YOU got really lucky. I happen to believe that life is a crap shoot.

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