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Daughter is getting married today. My heart is full.

Today is my daughter Claire's wedding in Chelan! My heart feels warm and smiley. We love Matt, Claire's fiancé.

Matt, 33, surprised Claire, 28, with a marriage proposal on New Year's Eve at the Seattle Space Needle. In January, September seemed a long time away.

Claire and Matt bought a house together in 2017. They have been together for four years.

This morning, I'm getting my hair put up in a French twist. My hair is so thick and heavy, it always falls out when I put it up. Will ask the hair stylist to staple it to my head.

All 64 of the people who received wedding invitations are coming. A big day.

LiterateHiker 9 Sep 15

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happieness ar an pósta nua


Congrats! I've gotten two married (one twice) and the other daughter is happily partnered. It's great to watch our kids having good lives


Have a wonderful time. Congratulations to them and so happy for you.


Aww congratulations!! 🙂

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