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I have a couple of suggestions (or maybe just questions):

First, if there is a way to disable the smiley/emoji "shorthand" in your posts, I'm not seeing it, and I kinda need such an option. For instance, if I post something in quotes and parentheses (like "this" ) without a space between the end quote and the end parenthesis, it will look (like "this" ) instead of how it is supposed to look. Adding the space is a rough fix, but it still looks kinda dumb to my editorial mind. I've found a couple of other examples where I had to edit what I wrote to avoid the automatic inclusion of smileys, but I can't remember what they are. Just giving us the option to disable smileys for a post would be helpful.

Secondly, when I'm replying to a post, I see that flag button in front of the word "Reply" and half the time I hit the flag button instead of the balloon button after the word "Reply." It might make more sense to put the Reply button FIRST in line, since it's the most commonly used, and then put the flag button in between the Reply and Like buttons.

It would also be kind of nice to see when there are new responses to a post, even if they are not directly replying to something you said. Sometimes I'd just like to keep up on a conversation that I'm not necessarily personally involved in, but there's no way to see that there are new posts in a thread without actually opening up the thread and seeing if you recognize everything that's already there.

Just my two cents... or six cents total, I guess...

AxeElf 7 Jan 24

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I wasn’t aware emojis worked. ????

They do not for me. I get ???

I use a combo of keys, as is explained on the faq page. 🙂


I miss my full range of keyboard emojis and having only recently started using them the learning the language of producing the keyboard equivalents is more effort than my brain is prepared to expend. Therefore my comments do not have the artistic simplicity that they possibly could have.
Editing a post to put a space before ) or after a ( is hardly different from breathing...sweat the big stuff only and evaluate the hubris.
Same really goes for flags and stars but yes additional space between each box would help the bigger digit owners (who haven't stuck the end of the finger into the pencil sharpener to cone it) when working on tiny telephone screens.
Now here's a possible money raiser - sell cone shaped finger / thumb stalls for use on touch screens emblazoned with appropriate legend such as "ARISE SIR AGNOSTIC"?


I think it is like almost ten cents with inflation.


I'd love to disable emojis! I miss making little pictures with the puncuations. I they are much more creative and interesting than the stupid smiley cartoons that automatically replace them 🙂

MsAl Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

Agree admn if we can see new responses to a post.

Or at least a link to all the the conversations we are active in.

Yes, I have been wanting to ask for this too.


I don't know about those emojis, but there is tutorial on your main page, it is by the welcome. I read it, but maybe you can understand it better. The red flag surprises me. It reads like danger sign to me, and I've never flagged anyone. I find by following people is a good way to stay informed. Glad you are here, I enjoy your input.


Got caught in the emoji trap myself yesterday. Had to edit to include a space, which looked silly.


I think you need to type the A word for them to reply.

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