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This Site ?

So today is my first day on this site. ( Hence, no pic yet ) It seems like a very cool concept in regards to looking to date ( or not ) You meet in group settings, get to know people and their personalities, and no stress about one on ones. Also we have a very important thing in common. At least for me when looking for a close 'friend', if I see they are religous, that's a deal breaker for me ! How is this site working for YOU ?? 🙂

flowerchild62 6 Jan 25

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Well apart from a lot of talk about religion because of our lack of belief which is fair enough it's a very good site.


I moved to New Mexico in December 2016 Before that California Huntington Beach. However I have lived and visited many places. Am a Navy Veteran was in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Some family is in Cali my brother was oblivious to the tsunami warning when Alaska had the big quake. Welcome to the realm of the realistic.


Hey FC,
I didn't even know it was a "dating" site, when I joined a couple of weeks ago. So for, it's been much wittier, more intelligent, more insightful than Facebook. But it needs cute puppies.

Welcome. Have fun. Share the enlightenment.


Welcome to the clinic @flowerchild62

Lots of different people here with various interests, experiences, backgrounds, and educations. So far I've found that over 90% of the contacts I've had are positive -- the others I don't have to continue to engage with them ... lol. It is a new site, so it is still growing and finding its way. I don't know about the dating element, my wife frowns on my involving myself in that, but the community is great.

How's life going there at the I-15/I-215 split?


Welcome to this space...


Another hi from Australia. I look forward to your contributions.


Just joined, hoping to meet some new people and use Facebook a bit less especially for talking about atheism/theism. Its hard too because FB keeps pushing controversial posts at me and I have trouble holding back sometimes even though I try not to be rude; atheist's opinions are often not the popular opinion in this country. Wish this site had a better balanced of females to males but it's what I expected so far. I can be friends with religious people but it's hard to feel close to someone that believes you are or might be going to hell and respects a god that would send someone there for not believing.

Welcome to the neighborhood 🙂 Take a look around. It's a great place !


I'm also new to this site too and there's no one around me either. You make me wish I lived near you though lol. Then I would have the possibility of being able to at least get turned down after asking you on a date 😉 lol/jk Anyway, I really do wish you good luck finding someone. I hope you havee a wonderful day. 🙂

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