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Is Cloning Humans Really "Unethical"?

Scientists succeed in cloning monkeys. No doubt, the ability to clone humans is basically here. Would such an action truly be unethical?

Thinking about it, I think it is not unethical. If the person or persons being cloned give their consent, it seems nothing more philosophically than a technological form of "reproduction".

Why is it "unethical"? Is it because of the slipper slope argument. (I don't buy that as cloning humans seems pretty much already down the black diamond slope anyway.) Is it because we are playing "God"? If God doesn't exist, then why is it not ethical to play that we are?


I believe humans will be cloned soon despite the dogmatic cries of ethical outrage. It will be done secretly and illegally at first. Who knows where it will eventually lead.

Is it unethical to clone humans? I would make it a poll but our site doesn't seem to have that option yet.

marmot84 7 Jan 25

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I have no problem ethically, but I saw a video of those monkeys and they act like something is seriously wrong with them.


The only ethical problem I could see is if people start believing they own their clones. Clones will just be another person. Aside from an option for reproduction people have debated clones you keep as a vegetable and harvest their organs for medical emergencies which sounds kinda dark. The idea of cloning itself isn't unethical nor should it be illegal. We just have to have more moral discussions once it's legalized. The movie "The Island" is a decent example of cloning ethics.

Sounds like a great idea to me! I'll clone myself. Remove it's brain and keep it in a cold vat. Then when I need a new heart or liver or something ... cha ching! How is this different than stem cell research? Think about it!

@marmot84 not disagreeing. Like I said, just means we need to be ready for more moral questions and fine tuning. "The Island" shows a good example of what not paying attention could do. The clones always died when they were vegetables so, in the movie, they are lied to and treated like cattle. It's a pretty decent watch, but gets to what we could face if we aren't careful.

@SocraticAddict Thanks for the movie suggestion. What's the title?

@marmot84 Movie isn't going to blow your mind or anything. A decent watch, and makes a person think a little but nothing crazy.


Way too many humans now ... what we don't need is duplicates !


If I can have a clone that goes to work for me, I have no problem with the concept.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 25, 2018

The religious push back, which is what most of this ethical hue and cry is about, revolves around the notion of soul. There are other issues to be sure, but soul is the biggie, especially among fundamentalist born again evangelicals. One way they make this less obvious is by pushing hard on the slippery slope nonsense.

I have a hard time seeing any ethics problems with cloning. There would be a genetic downside if too many of each individual were produced, but I can't see any potential reason why that would happen.

A bit of humor here: Imagine a clone that the woo masters have declared has no soul also chooses to be an atheist. Imagine the fear and anger in some circles. Worse than the antichrist. Mercy.

One of my novels dealt peripherally with the idea of cloning and what it means to be human.


Without "God" the ethics of cloning become easier. I would support the idea as long as the human clone doesn't live it's entire life in the lab.

MikeJ Level 4 Jan 25, 2018

What is moral is the next question!
Cloning humans will be done regardless of what we think.
My concern will be how to protect the Clone's Human Rights!
not morally correct.
"it is unethical to torment any creature for entertainment"
synonyms: immoral, amoral, unprincipled, unscrupulous, dishonorable, dishonest, wrong, deceitful, unconscionable, unfair, fraudulent, underhanded, wicked, evil, sneaky, corrupt; unprofessional, improper
"unethical methods"


Removing religion from the equation removes any ethical questions that don't already apply to anybody else who isn't a clone.

godef Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

I'm not sure what the application would be for most people. It can't be as fun as sex and it would be an evolutionary impediment long term. If you clone yourself, you end up with a baby you, but it won't be you exactly because the experience of the baby will be different than yours. Different memories, different attitudes, etc. I don't know if I would like to see myself being a teenager again. If I grew up to be a Republican, I'd have to kill myself. Would that be classified as suicide?

jeffy Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

Yes, that scenario would give new meaning to the term "murder-suicide."


I'm not sure about the ethical argument. I guess it all depends on what happens to the clones. What is their purpose? How will they be "used." Will they have full rights as humans and citizens? Will they degenerate, as in fall apart, faster than humans? Will they be used by the military? Will they replace loved ones? Our technology outpaces our ethics. Good post.


I don't see why there's such a fuss at the moment as we cannot clone thoughts , memories and feelings etc . All you got is another human that has similar cells a true clone would have your memories , feelings etc .....never gonna happen with our technology . There still isn't a need for it as we can still reproduce when the sperm count for humanity is zero that's when we will need to start cloning


Think Russia has been doing t for years. Our moral code is to high in government to do such things. lol

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